Apr 2009 02

img_0162-1It was a lofty goal many doubted was attainable. How to convert a car convention into a brewpub tour with an itinerary that appears to have been created by someone afflicted with both ADD and OCD disorders? 2000 miles, 14 breweries/ brewpubs/bars, and 7 states in 7 days- just a mini “RumSpringa Flinga” to experience some new places. Leaving after work, the first night was spent in southwestern Virginia near one leg of the Blue Ridge Parkway, where roads conjured up fantasies of curving out lines in a race prepped track car. Dinner and drinks were provided by Devils Backbone, a brewpub that opened this past November. The beer battered fried pickles and chicken salad wrap were tasty mostly because it was late and my stomach was empty. The beers were decent, preferring the Vienna Lager (malt, caramel, and toast) and the Ramsey’s Draft Stout (roasted malt on nitrogen for a creamy dry stout). The rooms at the nearby B&B were converted horse stables and otherwise not occupied, being the off-season. They were “quaint” (small) and “country-homey” (hay-scented), but “budget-friendly” (cheap) and “conveniently-located” (a stumble from the brewpub), and the owners had various pictures of their biking trips around the world to help you decide where to visit next. Morocco or Iceland anyone? Hmmm- not sure either is known for its beer or cars…


Apr 2009 05

img_0194-14The next day we made our way out of NC into SC, the Land of Double-Wides and Churches. “HalleBrewia” (I’m feeling the faith, sing it with me now!), the first stop was the Thomas Creek Brewery, an operation in an industrial park with just a pintsized sign to announce their location. While not exactly the easiest thing to spot on its own, a sheriff’s car parked directly in front helped direct my attention… [..]

Apr 2009 07

Nobody could ever accuse me of being a bandwagon fan of the San Diego Padres.  The Padres lost the 2009 season opener last night 4-1 before a record 45,496 fans at Petco Park.  I’m still holding out hope to come out of the NL West basement where they ended the 2008 season but it’s the same old offense-challenged Padres. 


Apr 2009 08

Se-R Convention

Roebling Road (Friday)

Usually there are one or two casualties at the convention track day.  Roebling Road was a slaughterhouse for SR20 engines.  The track wasn’t too technical a course- one long straight and no real chicanes made it a great course for beginners, but it still offered some challenges to more experienced racers with all the long sweepers.  Unfortunately, [..]

Apr 2009 10

GTR dun

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gt-r_02_800Nissan includes a Customer Disclosure Form with the purchase of the GTR. It’s basically a Bible on how to maximize your ownership of this “low production, high performance sports car” but it reads more like a cult-regulated checklist of information. The disclosure states brake pad and rotor wear will be higher than you have probably experienced, and you must replace all four sets of pads and rotors at the same time. One flat tire? You’ll take four new ones, thanks. Ride quality may be harsh and jolting. No problem- Nissan will tell you that you’re just not familiar with a true race suspension. Everything will groan, squeak, and squeal more than a well satisfied client at a brothel so enjoy the racket. [..]

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