Jan 2010 07

Just "rubber-necking" around...

<— Do these tires make me look fat?

 (new meaning to “rubber-necking”)


Another year come and gone and I totally nailed this year’s resolutions- pretty easy as I never made any for 2009!    So I’m not gonna rock the boat too hard this year either.  I’ll just wrap up my year end and “goals” for 2010 for my hobby trifecta: 


Jan 2010 07

I was curious what readers are looking for when they find my blog on a search engine. I went through a few pages of search results and got a kick out of some of these keywords so I thought I’d share:

“crack fries”
“flared nostrils”
“women in hotel”, “hotel women”, “women beer barrel”, “women fest”, “women+beer”, and “alcoholic older women”
“mybusters wet the bed”
“sombrero mariachi” (twice, weeks apart…)
“free milf”
“circus monkey brakes”
“ceramic godzillas”
“foot to the balls” (thanks for your 9:20 minutes of viewing pleasure!)
“padres edible panties”
“savannahgeorgiawetshirts” and “savannah ga wet t-shirt contest” (1st page on google nonetheless- sorry to disappoint those searchers…)
“spanking forst.com” (3 page views) and “donkey show” (three times- some sick readers…)

Hope you found what you were looking for!

Jan 2010 09

stone_groupNew Years Day, my family and I hit up Stone World Bistro & Gardens to have dinner with Greg Koch, the Arrogant Bastard Brainchild and CEO.  Greg suggested we order “family style” and and try a bunch of things.  I usually just gravitate towards the sumptious Mac ‘n Cheese.  Stone Bistro gets a rep for being too pricey but I prefer shopping at farmers markets rather than grocery stores and find it refreshing that I can enjoy great beer while eating a meal that isn’t hopped up on hormones, antibiotics, or high fructose corn syrup- more calories can come from the beers!  And it’s obviously working; kitchen business is up 40% over last year and you will often wait for hours to get a table. 



Jan 2010 12

Happy Feet!

Jan 2010 17

With the exception of the first quarter and one nice TD drive in the 4th, you played like floating logs in a porcelain bowl tonight. I hope you realize you flushed SD fans dreams of ever seeing one of their sporting teams win something right down the friggin toilet. Thanks Rivers, for throwing a beauty of an interception that gave the Jets a TD. Thanks all, for penalties way up the sphincter region that left the Bolts with horrible field positions, crappy 3rd and long attempts, and basically despair. You were the better team, but didn’t play like it. Football season is officially over for me now. That is all.

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