Jan 2011 07

I love a good road trip.  Think about all the fun- peeing in a Gatorade bottle (only to mistake it an hour later when you’re thirsty), bedbug infested roadside motels (where you rent the room by the hour only to have toothless Mr. People of Walmart at the front desk ask if he can be the first customer), and routing yourself through a metropolis in the middle of rush hour.  But really, they’re so much fun!

pembeyangu 010

This couple’s road trip trumps them all.  They decided to 4×4 their way through the Democratic Republic of Congo.  No weapons, no special security forces; just bribes, potholes the size of elephants, cannibal rebels, and city folk with machetes.  The fact that they lived to tell these stories is crazy enough, but the pictures really help you visualize the whole trip too.

And if you decide this is your thing (traveling the world from your living room), check out Long Way Round (Europe, former USSR, and across the US) or Long Way Down (Scotland to South Africa) chronicling Ewan McGregor (yes, of Star Wars fame) and Charlie Boorman’s adventures driving their motorcycles across the globe.  And finally, who knew a successful Wall Street legend would have the huevos necessary to cavort the world on a bike with his girlfriend back in 1990.  Read Investment Biker by Jim Rogers.  It’s part economics, part travel, and part what the hell have we gotten ourselves into?

Jan 2011 19

Moto Musings

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My car looks like it was the target for a bird torpedo mission.  Those little suckers aimed with the velocity of a Lear Jet and the vehemence of an ex-lover and Jackson Pollock’d all over my hood.  I now drive a polka dotted Infiniti.

I also followed an SUV home with the license plate “PUCKR UP”.  I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a take on “kiss my ass” since PA only requires rear license plates or if it’s just because they drove so ungodly slow that most people would rather just drive through them.  I’m going to get a front plate (yes, pay the extra $1.00) that says “GET OVER” and see if I have any success.

Jan 2011 28

Doesn’t get much better than this- I’m having a blind, impromptu stout tasting (Bourbon County, KBS, Black Albert) and watching Top Gear.  I don’t really recommend beer tasting and UK Top Gear- you’re inclined to pee your pants.  Esp. the episode with the Reliant Robin 3 wheeled car. I mean, how many times can you dump a car on it’s side (on a cricket field, in front of the BBC camera crew… twice!) without getting sick of lying sideways on the road.  And how did this car ever get made???  So if you’re thirsty and have great bladder control, feel free to laugh along!