Nov 2011 09

SEMA 2011

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Where these two things slam headfirst into each other:

1) Mecca for auto enthusiasts

2) Crazy Vegas nightlife

Read and enjoy the pics, nightlife only last page (9)

Nov 2011 11

These corks are packed like the pin on a grenade.  Once you finally get it loose, it pops off like a 13 year old boy with his dad’s Playboy.  Good thing the beer is tasty!  Just don’t lose an eye or you’ll be drinking like a Piraat- bad pun, Pirate.

Nov 2011 15

My SEMA “wtf” conversation (filled with awkward first date silences) occurred with a Performance Marketing Manager for GM.  I tell a guy that bleeds Chevy blue that all of my cars are Japanese sport compacts and he pretty much told me to talk to his hand.  I threw him enough girly charm until he at least appreciated our conversation more than the one he had earlier that morning with this guy, a dare devil that is looking for a 200mph ride behind the new Camaro on some rollerblades, probably not the kind I used to sell at Sports Authority.

So I had to look this dude up to see what nut tree incarnated such a whacko.  His website identifies his accomplishments, which I think are measured by simply not tattooing his skull into a ribbon of asphalt.


Basically, if you were to compare this guy to a car, he’d be a Nissan GTR:

0 – 100kph (0-60mph for you metric conversion challenged folk): 3.5 seconds (with VDC turned off on the GTR)

1/4 mile: 11.8 seconds

Top speed: 189mph (193mph with the GTR)

Now, I’d love to take a GTR for a ride that would shame any porn star but there is something about Mincemeat on Wheels that just doesn’t offer that same attraction.

Nov 2011 27

Do or Die

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I feel like a closet Chargers fan.  If Tebow handles the sinking SD defense (5 game losing streak…) like he did against the Jets last week, there’s going to be a big shakeup in the Chargers organization.  Rivers has thrown 17 interceptions and denies the rumors he’s hurt but you’d hope something is keeping him from looking like the QB he has in his career.  If they loose another game, Norv Turner should update his resume.

The Eagles are another team desperate for a win so the Pats better look to score quick and often- should be a good game to watch.

Nov 2011 28

The Broncos didn’t win last night’s game.  Sure, they had the higher score but it was really the Chargers game to lose- and that’s exactly what they did.

Maybe Turner/Rivers have a different game plan in mind than the one their fans were hoping for.  Perhaps they’ve decided to throw the season in hopes the rumors around moving to LA will disappear with the Chargers playoff hopes…  San Diego has few professional teams- in fact, the Chargers moved to SD after the 1960 season in LA.  The Padres don’t typically excite SD fans in the playoffs and the two NBA teams to ever grace SD arenas (Rockets, then Clippers) haven’t been San Diego teams since the 80’s.  I want to puke just thinking about supporting an LA football team so if the move happens, my Chargers jersey will probably burn like a Christmas tree after the new year.