Jan 2013 05

Part of my uncanny abilities as a cunning linguist can be attributed to my insatiable appetite for anything written.  From car magazines (the few still in print) to the Wall Street Journal to fashion mags, I drink it all up.  Books are no match either- give me a plane ride or a few hours on a couch and I down them like a recovering alcoholic whose lips have just tasted a drop of the good stuff after a long sober period.  I like them dry with a twist.  I consume mixed short stories brewed by intoxicating authors.  I quaff drafts not yet ready for public consumption.  From sugar coated to bitter(s), old-fashioned tales to cosmopolitan dramas, an elixir of wry (rye) recollections, these thirst quenchers satisfy my cravings.  Off to imbibe!