Feb 2010 12

Iron Hill BCWC

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IMG_0835IMG_0833Mother Nature crashed the 4th annual Belgium Comes to West Chester event last Saturday at Iron Hill, dumping copious amounts of powder on the streets.  While the locals crowded the front bar (mostly because their cars were stuck under 2′ of snow), it took awhile for the beer geeks to dig their cars out and slide on ice sheets to find the last few parking spaces.  But if you brew it, they will come.  I actually appreciated having a little elbow room to double fist two of the more than 40 beers on tap from Iron Hill, as well as many guest taps.  Some of the coveted IH brews included Farmer Chuck and Nocturnum while Ithaca brought Le Bleu, my favorite of the night. 

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Feb 2010 25

Super Kitty

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Super KittyAt a few Monday night tastings ago…



You’d think it would come in a box, wouldn’t you?  ;p



Thanks to Dr. Joel for his incredible cell phone camera capabilities!

Feb 2010 28

After ceasing production of the “Zotten” beer due to trademark rights of Brugse Zot, a beer produced by De Halve Maan, Weyerbacher has released the beer’s new name after “checking very carefully (for obvious reasons) to see that its OK to use” (Weyerbacher press release).  So drum roll please…. it’s the Verboten, another way of saying “forbidden.”  Obviously, they aren’t scared of those big corporate lawyers from that tiny little InBev corporation.  Because VerboTen bears a striking resemblance to Hoegaarden VerboDen Vrucht (Forbidden Fruit), a Belgian strong dark ale.  Perhaps Weyerbacher should go with Verbatim, as in word for word, because they keep seeming to pick the wrong word to name their beer.

Mar 2010 03

IMG_0923Together at last… no, not Tomme and me, but Monks and Lost Abbey!  So what if Tomme Arthur volunteers to judge the Malt Liquor category at GABF and big deal if he’s been spotted enjoying a bottle of Schlitz (coincidentally an occasional GABF winner…) while chilling with his homies at Lost Abbey’s Friday night tasting room hours.  The fact that he can brew a raisiny/oaky/sour something belgian or other one day and a potent, hoppy, balanced IPA the next makes him an outstanding beermeister in my mind. 

I’ve only been to two Monk’s gastronomical beer pairings so far but from what I’ve heard, they both rated up there in terms of the best ones to have attended: the Cantillon and Brasserie de la Senne about a year ago, and this Lost Abbey dinner.  And since my mouth is watering now just thinking about either of them, I can attest to how great both the food and beer pairings were at each.  The fact that they let no glass go empty helps as well!

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Mar 2010 05

The Linkery is on my list of San Diego places I’ve been meaning to visit.  The website tells it all: “We gather people to grow, cook, craft, and savor the best food and drink in San Diego.”  And I’m just the sort of person who would enjoy said food and drink!  The 18% service charge does not dissuade me either, especially knowing restaurateur Jay Porter has a mandatory no tipping policy for his servers.  In fact, he says if you feel like leaving more money to show extra gratitude, to leave the cash to their charity of the month.  What an altruistic attitude not commonly found nowadays…  Not to mention, the livable wage he can provide the people that work their asses off to deliver that excellent food and drink to you.  And clean up after you’ve had your way with that food and drink, even after those of us who may lick the plate clean…  [..]

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