Apr 2009 08

Se-R Convention

Roebling Road (Friday)

Usually there are one or two casualties at the convention track day.  Roebling Road was a slaughterhouse for SR20 engines.  The track wasn’t too technical a course- one long straight and no real chicanes made it a great course for beginners, but it still offered some challenges to more experienced racers with all the long sweepers.  Unfortunately, [..]

Apr 2009 19

img_0223-3When it comes to Pliny, I’m a cougar- give me the Younger! PtY is the delicious Russian River Triple IPA, which is then dry hopped four different times. Unfortunately, it is brewed in February only and very few sixtels make it here. TJ’s tapped one a few weeks ago and it kicked in 17 minutes. My one glass that afternoon was not enough to satisfy my Younger appetite so I knew I’d have to visit Teresa’s Next Door for their Russian River Fest. Obviously I wasn’t the only one looking for a Sunday morning beverage. The line started forming 45 minutes before TND was in business and filled the sidewalk and a few parking spots before the doors were opened. [..]

Apr 2009 23

UJ’s Hopfest

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img_0245-1Union Jack’s Manatawny hosted their annual Hopfest, an adult’s only bunny hop celebration.  The ever popular Pliny the Younger (disguised in the morning as Chinese take-out) was set to be tapped at 1pm and since reservations (yep, they take them) occupied every table in the place, I knew if I wanted a glass of this dopamine-inducing concoction, I’d have to claim a barstool pretty early.  So I camped out…  those Adirondack chairs are pretty comfy!  UJ’s opened at 11am, but anticipating an afternoon of hoppiness, I didn’t want to dive in just yet, first finishing a beer stein of coffee and a growler of water.  By noon, UJ’s was swamped with beer geeks packed in like a sold out bock concert.  By a quarter to PtY, the bar exceeded full occupancy and the hop cult demanded their Pliny in unison.  [..]

Apr 2009 28

Speaking as someone who has been known to create a dinner menu based solely around a particular beer I had a taste for that night, it’s not always the easiest thing to pair food and beer together so they compliment each other. Sure, I know to drink IPA’s with my Thai food and an Imperial Stout with a dark chocolate dessert, but I’d be lost sometimes without Garrett Oliver in my cellar (via his book…) handing me the correct match. When I can leave both the (cooking!) and food and drink pairings to someone else, I’ll take it. I’m obviously not the only one. Tickets to the Monks/Cantillon/La Senne beer dinner sold out in just 12 minutes, most of them to patrons playing hooky [..]

May 2009 05

img_0297-5Think about the many great combinations in our world- Peanut Butter and Jelly, Mario and Luigi, ketchup and mustard, goats and beer. Wait, what??? Sly Fox mates the Bock namesakes (both goat and beer) when they hold their annual goat races to name this season’s Maibock. I’m still waiting for a goat named Bukkake to take it so patrons can order a Bukkake ‘Bock. I’m not sure if that should be an entire pint, or just a half, butt (pun intended) unless I start training a creatine-enhanced buck to race, we’ll have to stick with the cutesy names from little kids raising pets on a farm. Sly Fox Beer Ambassador Corey has his mind in the same trough, anticipating next year’s winner, “Lick” Mai Bock… Ok, so maybe these names were conceived after a glass or two of Eisbock.


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