May 2009 19

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img_0381-10img_0335-1I’ve expressed my love for Allagash Gargamel before and said I’d let you know when it was released after I secured my stash.  Sure enough, the limited release was Thursday, May 7th, at the brewery in Maine.  I wasn’t able to get up there until Friday but heard about some beer aficionados driving all night to camp out at the brewery as early as 3am in order to get their share.  I also heard many of those beer geeks (I use the term lovingly!) tried bribing the UPS driver, local bums, anyone who would spend a few minutes to help them secure more than the 2 bottles per person max.  I called on some twelfth cousins 11 times removed or whoever and have locked up my supply of Gargamels in a vault at an undisclosed location.  Ok, ok, it’s my basement.  And I know a few of you would trade your left nut, your first born, your first born’s left nut, but I’ve got plans for mine!  The blend was changed slightly since I first tried it at the Extreme Beer Fest, but it’s so balanced and tasty.  We’ll see how well it ages. [..]

May 2009 27

Nestled up near Emmaus is a brand spanking-new gastro pub called the Tap and Table.  While the outside resembles a shed and seems more fit to house barn animals, the inside is a unique Belgian-inspired pub with a copper bar, “candle-liers,” and cask beer- complete with quintessential Ghent redlight district bathroom.  The Tap and Table offers an interesting menu with offerings like Mussels and Clams, Cheese Plate, or Raw Oysters to start, and a Grilled Cheesesteak Flatbread (with braised short ribs, trumpet mushrooms, and tomato glace), Soft Shell Crab BLT, or Black Forest Ham Sandwich with Brioche and Fried Quail Egg to fill your stomach while you imbibe.  More impressive than the menu is the beer selection with three cask drafts, a draft list of six beers like Bells Two Hearted to Belgian classics like La Chouffe, as well as a bottle list of great choices that will rotate often.  The current bottle list included craft selections like Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye and Saint Somewhere Lectino Divino to Aecht Schlenkra Marzen, a delicious smoky lager, and t’Brouwkot Kalle, a complex tripel.  If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you’re probably in good hands as the 2009 Philly Beer Geek winner Nate Gefvert was manning the bar when I visited.  Their website is coming soon, but the Tap and Table is open 7 days a week at 11:30am and worth the trip!

Update: website is now online

Jun 2009 12

So I think it’s pretty hard to eff up a magazine dedicated to beer drinking in Philly because that concept is intoxicating enough, but I perused the debut issue of Philly Beer Scene magazine and have a few observations. I’ll start with the letter from the President. Last time I checked, most publications were run by Editors, and other titles include Writer or Director, even Founder, not President (or Dictator or Bad Ass Mofo), but enough with my semantics rant. In this letter, Scott acknowledges two important Philly beer writers- Lew Bryson and Don Russell- but somehow forgets one very notable Philly beer writer- Jack Curtin, whose blog is among many in my Google Reader lineup and whose commentary is read by loads of beer fanatics in countless other publications. He even offered the first online review of this magazine!


Jun 2009 25

I haven’t been blogging much lately due to a serious case of the Renovation Realities. The last two weeks has included a whirlwind of installing hardwood floors, painting walls and Adirondack chairs, and putting together new patio furniture for the arrival of family. We all embarked on a Chevy Chase-esque road trip to the Garden State for my cousin’s wedding which brings me to Beer Rant 101. My cousin sent out a thank you note a week before the wedding enticing me with a “cooler filled with Troegs.” I never expect good beer at a wedding, but I do expect to drink there because… well, it’s a wedding. They’re not high on my list of fun things to do. In my opinion, the two most important words at a wedding are not “I Do” but Open Bar. [..]

Jul 2009 04

No kids, no pets, no ankle bracelet monitoring my house arrest, so on Friday morning with no weekend plans, Pittsburgh came to mind.

East End Gratitude release                                             Check

Pittsburgh Hofbrauhaus                                                  Check

Beer Passport event                                                       Check

Hotel room                                                                       Priceline…

No beam me up Scotty… crap, I knew I forgot to pack something.


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