Feb 2012 24



In case you ever wondered what all those tools are called, check out my latest addition to my Project Garage articles on MotoIQ.

Mar 2012 14

I’m not one of those drivers that freaks out in the rain and thinks you have to drive half the speed limit because the ground is wet.  Then again, I have pulled myself straight when my car has gotten a little tail happy and trust that I have tires with tread.  Some douchebag decided to ruin the morning commute for thousands of others by DWI (Driving While Invincible).  This moron managed to complete half a somersault before coming to a rest on the roof of his car in the left lane, rendering both sides of traffic to a stop.  So glad I saw this before I left for work and became one of those frustrated people stuck on the freeway!

Apr 2012 15

A few weeks late, but feel free to LYAO at my latest car’ticle.  We don’t all have to be ballers to drive fast cars- check out my bargain basement mods for your ride.

Apr 2012 28

You have to think there’s something unusual about your hobbies when you walk an entire exhaust system through your front door and down the stairs into the basement to set down between the bar and projector screen.  While there, I did a quick inventory of the tires down there and realize there are 26 wheels and tires stacked in a corner; yes, enough to rewrap almost all 7 cars in new rubber.  I also

carried down two fenders, the rear tail lights, and a set of side skirts.  I could build a car down there if there was a way to get it out!

Apr 2012 29

Stripped Bare

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That got your attention!  The rust bucket is now just a pile of rust in the driveway waiting for a tow to the graveyard.  And if inhaling that rust wasn’t a
sufficient enough supply of my cancer carcinogens for the year, I also got the turbo paperweight started for the first time in years and managed to inhale 34 months of carbon monoxide chunks as the exhaust smoked more than the Marlboro Man.


Once the POS is out of the way, I’ll get the turbo more than 3 feet from it’s crypt and try to get the thing inspected so I can boost all over the road.

BTW, check out the pics- now you know why I paint my nails!  And yes, that’s about a foot of dust on my turbo Sentra.

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