Pro Bowl
Jan 2013 27

Pro Bowl

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I was all set to humor myself watching the Pro Bowl and then noticed Top Gear DL’d. Oh yeah baby, it’s back.  How better to start off the season than featuring the Pagani Huayra?  It’s faster than how long it’d take you to figure out the pronunciation (“hwhi-ra”), clocking in almost 1.5 seconds faster than the last top car around the track, the Ariel Atom.  And with features like a Transformer, it’s got to feel other worldly to drive.  Wet dream checklist:

6.0L V12 Twin turbo AMG engine making 720hp

0-60 in 3.3 seconds

1.66g lateral acceleration at speeds up to 230mph

7 speed sequential gearbox

Carbotanium monocoque chassis

Four flaps that can open to produce downforce

No point in watching second string players not headed to the Super Bowl when this is on!

Ford Figo ad
Mar 2013 23

Ford Figo ad

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Have you driven a Ford lately?  This is what happens when you outsource marketing to India.  Best comment ever- are these women optional or do they come standard with purchase?

Sweating my balls off…
Mar 2013 28

Figuratively, of course!

Firebird Raceway.  Phoenix, AZ.  Time attack racing, auto-x, drags, and carnage.  20′ from a car somersaulting off the tire wall.  Let’s just say covering these events might not be the safest thing.  But it WAS freaking cool to watch. And the guy only hurt his pride.  Check it out!

Apr 2013 19


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Top 10 Signs you are not a Gearhead:

1) You think your temp gauge forecasts the weather outside

2) Your car’s color could be referred to as Poop Brown or Dull Beige

3) You pepper your license plate with registration stickers from all years like a Jackson Pollock painting

4) You volunteer to be designated driver for your alcoholic friends without covering the seats and floor with plastic

5) You’ll let anyone drive it from your 90 year old grandma to your friend with a suspended license

6) You don’t dread parallel parking in the city (bumper cars anyone?)

7) You think your car has a flux capacitor

8) You think rain qualifies as a car wash and during a drought you drive close to sprinklers or knock over a fire hydrant for a good wash

9) You apply stick on wood trim to the interior and hubcap wheel covers

10) You quote things in bhp (brake horsepower) not knowing how it’s different than wheel horsepower

May 2013 09


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I saw this S2000 at the track and AZ and had to get a closer look.  Check it out!

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