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These classic hot rod guys sure know how to do it!

Powered by beer?  Not quite.

It appears to be an overfill reservior for the radiator, and probably not filled with the light lager it advertises.

And no, when you’re done, peeing in the gas tank won’t get you home!

Sep 2010 23

car cartoonimg_0594S.T.D. = Serious Trouble Driving

You know- issues in the drivers seat, not the back seat! 

I was strangling my steering wheel so hard coming home from work today, I figured I’d bent it.  Are they still giving away drivers licenses in Cracker Jack boxes?  I see way too many moronic moves on the road to feel safe behind the wheel.  Here’s a little driving test- rate your ability on the road.

Give yourself 1 point if you answer yes to the following questions:


Oct 2010 06

Finger Lakes 2010

Wine tasting?  Pfft.  Bird watching?  Eh.  Track day and beer!

WGI carsWGI (Watkins Glen International)- home to that redneck racing event called Nascar.  Was I there for that?  Hell no.  I’m not a redneck.  I can make right turns.  I don’t shop at Walmart.  I’m not attracted to my cousin.  This was a hotlapping event- racing for people with teeth!

<– Looks like we got jacked.  Can we get a drivetrain and frame for our comfy seats and steering wheels?  I think Rob (middle with beige sweater) got the seat with the reach around- check out his smile!

Driving in that brace is difficult enough, not sure I could manage heel/toe on the track!


wgi beerBeer/spirits tasting:

Finger Lakes Distilling (Cassis liquer, Riesling grappa, Rye whiskey: burns, baby, burns!)

Two Goats Brewing (2 on tap: IPA and Cream Ale)

Market Street Brewing (sampler; fave was the Dark Ale- roasted cocoa puffs)

Stonecat Cafe for dinner (beef posole, pumpkin ravioli, cheesecake, and a Smuttynose IPA)

Oct 2010 21

835913938_R6kVu-LHahaha beer friends, I tricked you!  You thought this post would be about my drinking skillz. 

Pfft, I’m talking about thirsty engines!  Injecting water, methanol, ethanol, or alcohol into your car’s engine can give you power.

Check out my latest Q&A for MotoIQ to find out why/how!

Jan 2011 07

I love a good road trip.  Think about all the fun- peeing in a Gatorade bottle (only to mistake it an hour later when you’re thirsty), bedbug infested roadside motels (where you rent the room by the hour only to have toothless Mr. People of Walmart at the front desk ask if he can be the first customer), and routing yourself through a metropolis in the middle of rush hour.  But really, they’re so much fun!

pembeyangu 010

This couple’s road trip trumps them all.  They decided to 4×4 their way through the Democratic Republic of Congo.  No weapons, no special security forces; just bribes, potholes the size of elephants, cannibal rebels, and city folk with machetes.  The fact that they lived to tell these stories is crazy enough, but the pictures really help you visualize the whole trip too.

And if you decide this is your thing (traveling the world from your living room), check out Long Way Round (Europe, former USSR, and across the US) or Long Way Down (Scotland to South Africa) chronicling Ewan McGregor (yes, of Star Wars fame) and Charlie Boorman’s adventures driving their motorcycles across the globe.  And finally, who knew a successful Wall Street legend would have the huevos necessary to cavort the world on a bike with his girlfriend back in 1990.  Read Investment Biker by Jim Rogers.  It’s part economics, part travel, and part what the hell have we gotten ourselves into?

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