Nov 2008 16

$100M OOPS

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Baseball is my favorite sport but since the Padres never really contested for a spot in the 2008 World Series at all this year, I’ll try to reclaim some San Diego sports pride by cheering on the Chargers, who were forecasted to be one of the top teams to watch this season. However, the Bolts are playing defense like kindergarteners calling “Red Rover, Red Rover, send anyone with a ball right on over” and they continue to allow opposing teams to rack up yards and points against them.


Nov 2008 24

The Chargers aren’t just underachieving, they are overdisappointing! It doesn’t totally come as a shock that the Bolts lost to the Colts with a Vinatieri 51 yard redemption field goal as the clock ran out.  It’s not like it’s the first time. The Chargers have given up the lead in the final 24 seconds in four games this season! Forget about the third down phantom pass interference calls on the Chargers or how at 4-7, they are still considered in the race for the Super Bowl, if the Bolts aren’t energized the rest of the season, I’ll have to pick up a new hobby, like Canadian Geese calling or snow angel sculpting.

Dec 2008 07

Trade Orgy

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The Padres, looking to unload some payroll dollars, are in talks with the Chicago Cubs to trade pitching ace Jake Peavy.  With four teams possible involved in current talks, speculation has it the Phillies want utilityman Mark DeRosa from the Cubs for a few prospects that would be sent to the Padres for Peavy, but the Orioles have also flown into this cuckoo’s nest as other rumors are flying the Padres may trade Peavy to the Cubs, who would trade outfielder Felix Pie to Baltimore, with San Diego receiving Orioles lefthander Garrett Olson. San Diego has a contract with Peavy through 2012 for a guaranteed $63M, but he is willing to waive his no trade clause to find a home at Wrigley.  I’d hate to see Peavy go but he deserves an offense that can give him at least one more run than the few he allows each game. The Padres have just a few more months to get their some hitters in the lineup and hopefully they won’t lose their excellent pitching in the meantime.

Dec 2008 18

With the Patriots, Dolphins, and Jets sharing the top spot in the AFC East, there’s no question some contention exists between the teams, but the bitterness has been brewing for many years.  It all started decades ago. >Belichick was Bill Parcell’s protégé in numerous coaching positions (Special Teams, Linebackers, and Defensive Coordinator) when they were both employed by the New York Giants from 1979-1990, save for a one year stint with the Pats in 1980 for Parcells.  In 1991, Belichick became head coach of the Cleveland Browns and Parcells stepped down from coaching due to medical reasons, becoming a football commentator for NBC.


Jan 2009 05

The Bolts stopped Indianapolis’ running game and maintained some of the amazing offense from the previous week to win the wild card playoff game on Saturday.  There was the good- Sproles got game, the bad- a few close to the endzone turnovers, including a touchback just yards away from being a touchdown, and the ugly- a Pennington quick snap that caught the Bolts defense with their thumbs in their asses, resulting in a Colts TD.

Sproles running game was unstoppable

Sproles running game was unstoppable (Photo courtesy of Chargers)

Mike Scifres must have equipped his foot with a distance controlling mechanism as he kicked six punts inside the 20 against the Colts, including four under 10 yards from a full field drive attempt!  Leaving the Colts with a long field certainly helped the Chargers “D” cut their game short.  I sure missed seeing LT do his thing out there, but the smallest guy on the field came up big for the Bolts.  Darren “Tank” Sproles combined for 328 all purpose yards whipping left and right through inconceivably tiny holes in the Colts defense.  I find watching basketball about as exciting as women’s golf (basically a snore…) so hopefully the Chargers can continue their road to the Super Bowl or I’ll be pretty bored until spring training.

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