Dec 2013 25

The MotoIQ writers twerk all year long and just want a few presents under the tree…

Christmas Miracle
Dec 2013 29

The Chargers needed an Xmas miracle to make the playoffs and somehow it happened.  Ravens and Dolphins losses and SD win in OT and I have at least another week to wear my new Chargers gear.  Let’s go SD- it’ll take some improved D#, a better running game, and 3rd down conversions to go past the first playoff game but hey, stranger things have happened!

Charg-ers on!
Jan 2014 05

Charg-ers on!

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First class upgrade: Free

Beer at Stone at airport: $6

Watching the Chargers stomp the Bengals playoff hopes into the ground at 32,000 feet: PRICELESS

We’re coming for you Denver…

Colora D’oh
Feb 2014 02

Colora D’oh

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It was either that heading or Fum-bowl.  If you glanced at the stats, you’d think it was a close game.  Possession was about 47%/53%, not a bad split.  3rd down conversions were successful about half the time for both teams, same as their red zone efficiencies.  Both QB’s completed 69% of their attempts.  And Seattle even managed to “earn” twice as many penalties for 2x the yardage.  Yet, just like the OJ chase, the Broncos couldn’t get away.  Turnovers!  And not the pastry kind.  Though this was the third Super Bowl in a row to score a safety, the writing was on the wall when Denver started their first possession giving up one.  At any rate, BWAHAHAHA Denver.  Even the Chargers would have looked better!

Jun 2014 16

I wish there was a better reason for me to come out of blogging retirement than to lament the loss of a baseball legend.  Tony Gwynn lost his battle with cancer at just 54 years old.  While I never met him in person, I’ve only heard about how humble and personable he was.  Not just was Gwynn one of baseball’s greatest players, he played for the love of the game.  He stayed with the Padres even when larger paychecks came his way.  A neighbor of his once said Tony was the guy out mowing his own lawn, teaching the local kids how to throw balls, and was the kind of person everyone wants living next door.  My parents were in San Fran once and saw Larry Lucchino (former CEO for the Padres) at a bar.  For whatever reason (likely wine or martini related), they confused him with Paul Simon.  Approaching for an autograph, Larry corrected them and said “I’m not as famous as someone else in this room” nodding his head in Gwynn’s direction.  As Padres fans (yes, they do exist), my parents approached Gwynn and he signed one of my dad’s business cards, giving me probably the only piece of celebrity fandom I’ll ever care about.  Mr. Padre was inducted into the Hall of Fame his first year eligible and his jersey no. 19 retired back in 2004.  RIP Tony Gwynn- you’ll be missed.

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