Jan 2009 12

Predicting the results of this year’s NFL matchups hasn’t been the easiest. Most participants seem to be drowning in the football pool. After how the Chargers played the first half of the regular season, I didn’t have any hopes of them making it this far, but somehow they prevailed. And for the first time in NFL history, three home teams lost on the second weekend of playoffs. You’d think it was fate for the visiting Chargers to have some advantage with those statistics! The Bolts started out great, leading almost the entire first half, but they fell apart in the third quarter and had possession of the ball just 17 seconds for only one play! While San Diego fans everywhere cursed their TV’s with looks of “WTF?!?!” across their faces, I started checked out the Padres spring training schedule. The Steelers cemented the Chargers fate in the fourth, and now it’s time to catch up on the last minute baseball trade gossip to see what chance I have of rooting for a winning SD team this year. For the first time in years, I won’t have any baseball season tickets, so it’s only fitting they go all the way…

Feb 2009 02

Ok, I’ll admit it. I didn’t care much if I missed watching the Super Bowl this year. I had no allegiance to either team, although I suppose I was kinda hoping the Cardinals would take it, just because the Steelers ended my beloved Chargers drive for the AFC Championship. But I still couldn’t bring myself to admit they deserved the ring. But face it- the Steelers are not unfamiliar to this pressure; they have 5 Super Bowl rings already. They’re huge and physical and if Roethlisberger could keep his nerves in check, they’d probably be unstoppable. Still, I couldn’t bring myself to admit they deserved a ring either. So I flipped on the game pretty much for the commercials.



Feb 2009 17

America’s Finest City sure didn’t host America’s Finest Baseball team in 2008.  If anything, the Padres looked like a group of clumsy junior high kids picked last for an intramural game.  They finished 7 games back in the NL West… and not even from first place, but 7 games worse than the 4th place San Francisco Giants!  Much like his team, Padres owner John Moores’ marriage also fell apart last year, a deal is in the works for Jeff Moorad to purchase the team. After the deal is finalized, CEO Sandy Alderson will step down from the organization.  Moores had originally been expected to anty up $15M into the organization this year but now there will no doubt be a decline in the payroll budget for a team that could really use a few deep-pocketed big players.  The only good news in this ambiguous situation is regarding Peavy. While he’s not off the chopping block yet, he will most likely not be so actively shopped around like he was during the off season.  So what does this year hold for us Friar Fans?


Mar 2009 06

Sports Shorts

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#81 is 86’d

Just one season after the Cowboys signed a 4 year extension to wide receiver Terrell Owens for $34 million, including a $12 million bonus, TO is again without a team.  Dallas has been looking to rid itself of distractions in the locker room and on the field and had already released talented but suspension-riddled cornerback and kick returner Pacman Jones.  Owens seems to have a history of friction with starting quarterbacks.  He left the San Francisco 49er’s in 2003, later implying in an interview with Playboy that QB Jeff Garcia was um, how should I say this… going deep for the same team (wink, wink), and he’s insinuated [..]

Mar 2009 27

Wager this

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A few people have asked why I’m not covering the March Madness. Simple answer- I hate watching basketball. I have nothing against playing it. I mean, what 5’ 8” chick can’t shoot some hoops? But watching basketball has gotten boring ever since the players stopped wearing daisy dukes on the courts. Well that, and my college (UCSD) was more a nerds conglomerate than an athlete’s paradise so I don’t have much of a college sports affiliation. There are so many other “sporting” events I’d rather watch:

  1. Midget wrestling
  2. Speed foosball
  3. Competitive whack-a-mole
  4. Beer pong
  5. Medieval Times jousting tournament
  6. Demolition bumper cars
  7. Blindfolded laser tag
  8. Niagara Falls barrel plunge
  9. Marco Polo
  10. Roller derby

While the college basketball fans crowd the Sportsbook rooms, anyone up for a rousing game of Underwater Archery?

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