Apr 2009 07

Nobody could ever accuse me of being a bandwagon fan of the San Diego Padres.  The Padres lost the 2009 season opener last night 4-1 before a record 45,496 fans at Petco Park.  I’m still holding out hope to come out of the NL West basement where they ended the 2008 season but it’s the same old offense-challenged Padres. 


Apr 2009 13

I’ve been hesitant to exclaim my excitement for the FIRST PLACE San Diego Padres because I’m sure I just jinxed it, but wow, what a streak it is (no past tense I hope…).  Most teams obviously aren’t jumping for joy this early in the season, but Padres fans know we’ve got to celebrate these little accomplishments and hope this is the year the team can make it happen.  I was nervous with the 4-3 nail-biter over the Dodgers last Thursday that started with an Adrian Gonzalez solo shot and ended with a three run rally in the eighth inning.  Friday’s game was more interesting.  [..]

May 2009 04

The Padres are starting to look like the team I have a love/hate relationship with. After losing Saturday night to MLB rivals Dodgers in a bases loaded walk, they are now just two games above the NL West basement, a position the Padres are no stranger to. Come on! 5 losses in a row! A 4 game sweep by the Dodgers? 11 losses in 13 games? What happened to the offense that magically appeared the beginning of this season? Where’d the fantastic bullpen go? Wake up Padres! Heath Bell complained San Diego wasn’t getting its share of TV coverage, and I fully agree. The most Padres news I usually find is their score on the ESPN ticker. But the only way they are going to get some national coverage is if they start winning, or maybe if they throw the Chicken in as a middle reliever while the Friar catches. Right now, I’m just hoping ESPN looks the other way, at least until the Pads get back on track. I’ve still got the faith- I’ve always had the faith. San Diego is playing Colorado tonight, the only team acting as a jock strap from the Pads occupying the nether regions of the NL West. Play good D and be patient behind the plate- this is baseball, not golf and not tennis! Relax on the mound and don’t give up too many runs, which could be hard given our starter tonight is Kevin Correia, who carried a 6.05 ERA in his last season with the Giants. And if necessary, I’m always free to play.

May 2009 29

Padres Streak

Thanks to the Padres, San Diego fans feel like they’re being taken on a rollercoaster this season. Win 9 out of the first 12, lose 19 of the next 23, and then a (barely) double digit game winning streak that ended in a 6-5 loss to Arizona, who barely held on as the Pads overcame a 6 run deficit to score five runs in the last two innings. The Pads begin a three game weekend series tonight in Denver. The pitching matchup is fairly even (though Young has had pretty good luck swinging as well) but we’ll see how the Rockies do coming off a sweep by the Dodgers. Their at-home record is just 7-12 so far this year lending to speculation there will be some changes in the payroll…

And those changes are… the Colorado Rockies fired manager Clint Hurdle today after 15 years with the team (7 as manager) and a 0.461 winning percentage. With a 14 game deficit in the NL West, even a website complete with t-shirts and a petition to get The Hurdle out of the way, there wasn’t much doubt some shaking up in the Rockies dugout was going to occur. Even Hurdle had acknowledged his position wasn’t exactly the most “stable” (pun intended…), often sounding more capable of managing tractor equipment and crops than a baseball team and even drawing an analogy of the Rox needing a win to a hog yearning for slop. His replacement will be tasked with putting together a team out of a few talented players and some slumping stars and the Monforts don’t seem capable of taking any responsibility in that either. Bench coach Jim Tracy will replace Hurdle until a replacement is hired.

Jun 2009 11

Muted Sports

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So I came to the conclusion last night while watching the Red Sox / Yankees game (go Sox!), that most sports are better off watching on mute, free from the useless banter between the commentators. Sure, there are some good sports announcers whose voices are recognizable and they cover their home teams with heart but little bias (Vin Scully and Harry Kalas -RIP- come to mind) but when ESPN covers a game, Beavis and Butthead seem to control the mic. So last night, Dumb & Dumber are debating whether Chien-Ming Wang has what it takes to handle the Sox a few innings. “He seems to be throwing consistent.” Really? He’s only seen two batters so far!!! “We need to watch his velocity. If his velocity the next few pitches is at that 93mph mark he’s thrown the last few, he should be OK… well, his velocity seems to be good” as he throws like pitch # 9 and 10 of the entire game. Sure- they were 95mph, but they were well out of the strike zone. I could throw pretty damn fast if I have no real target I need to hit.

So how did Wang fare? 2 and 2/3 innings giving up 4 runs. He hasn’t won a game in the majors since that injury last June. The game before last night? 5 runs in 4 2/3 innings. But at least he was consistent, and throwing quick…

From the Obscure Baseball Stats department (“Oh B.S.”), this is the first time the Sox have gone 7-0 against the Yankees in any season.

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