Aug 2009 17

There are very few jobs (bounty hunter, road kill collector, head urinal polisher maybe) where applicants can overlook the “ever been convicted of a crime” question and be rewarded with multi year deals and millions of dollars. Michael Vick does not belong back in the NFL as a starter, backup, or even water boy. I don’t care what kind of talent he has (or had). These professional athletes are idolized and respected by millions of young kids who look up to the pedestal we put these guys on, which is obviously above the law… As for Vick’s interview with the lawyers and PR firms trying to give this story an activist spin, I’ve heard enough of the rehearsed bullshit coming out of his mouth. He doesn’t feel bad for how he treated those animals- he’s just missing the cabbage. Quit giving this guy airtime! [..]

Sep 2009 22

It took less than 15 minutes possession time for the Colts to beat the Dolphins Monday night in the land of Margaritaville. Miami let time pass like an hourglass without a waistline. And I’m not sure what’s worse- the two opportunities the Dolphins offense literally let slip through their fingers (get some sticky gloves!), one that required just a toe tap in the endzone to result in a TD, or that Pennington looked to be throwing to the Colts D on that last play. Out of time, my friend, out of time… [..]

Oct 2009 06

It doesn’t get any better than this.  162 games per team in the regular baseball season, yet the AL Central division not only came down to one game, but one inning to decide.  And I don’t even mean the 9th!  Just goes to show you how closely matched the Twins and Tigers were.  This game was a nail biter for any fan, even if you have no loyalty to either team.   Scroll to the bottom if you don’t want my play by play but I was practicing my sportscasting skills during the game.  Though I don’t have any absurd ESPN facts like the last time a baseball player with the initials OC hit a home run on a ball that was meant for an intentional walk or something like that.  [..]

Oct 2009 28

World Series

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GO PHILLIES!  I know, I’m a Padres fan and [sarcasm]they did so well this year, like all the others… [/sarcasm].  But the Phillies are my local team now so that woosh you just heard?  That’s me jumping on the Phillies bandwagon.  I’m not going to start spelling anything that begins with “F” with a “PH” and I’m unlikely to sport any Phillies gear but I will look for some red in my closet.  They follow my criteria for bandwagoning: NL team (stupid DH- make a pitcher take a swipe at the ball sometimes!), some locational affiliation, and (barely) designated the underdog.  Plus, they have a Flyin’ Hawaiian (coincidentally a Padres draft pick in 2002) and who doesn’t get a chuckle from saying that?  Also, I can’t root for a team with bloated payroll pockets and egos to match.  So as the 2009 WS begins tonight, and two key former pitchers from the (2007 AL Divisional losers) Cleveland Indians take the mound for each team, I’ll remember a t-shirt a roommate used to live in this time of the year: “Yankees Suck, Jeter Swallows” and root for Philly!

Oct 2009 29

Go Phillies!

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Aw, the poor (richest team in baseball) Yankees.  I think I’ve got a crush on Cliff Lee.  10 strikeouts, including fanning A-Rod 3 times!  And the nonchalant grab of that popup that made me think he was playing a neighborhood pickup game.  But the best play had to have been his behind the grab “holy crap, the ball is in my glove” snag.  Utley said “C.C See you later” to two balls, making the long trip over the fence.  And though it wasn’t a shut out (Rollins is probably still kicking himself for that throwing error), the Phils commanded the game and have a 1-0 lead in the series.  Repeat!

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