Sep 2009 30

Ah, air travel. What was once a convenient way to travel long distances has become a clusterfuck of rubber glove cavity invasions and swine flu scares. It used to be that families would dress up for a trip on the plane, ready to eat steak and lobster with real silverware- polished even! Now bums show up at the airport in their pajamas (a look I’m seriously opposed to for everywhere but in bed), sloppy-looking and disheveled, clothes implying they don’t give a damn what they’re wearing yet the carrying oversized stuffed suitcases that would suggest otherwise. [..]

Oct 2009 16

So it’s obvious I like good beer, but I like tasty grub at least as much. The past few months, I’ve thrown together some interesting dishes from a grilled watermelon, goat cheese, and fresh basil salad (which you all at the beer tasting seemed to enjoy!) to brie topped with roasted pecan and walnut pieces, halved figs, and broiled, then drizzled with honey. I’m sort of a disorderly cook. I use recipes for basic ideas but nibble my dish while cooking and add a little of this or a lot of that.

I had dinner at Los Sombreros Café on my last trip to Scottsdale. [..]

Jan 2010 07

I was curious what readers are looking for when they find my blog on a search engine. I went through a few pages of search results and got a kick out of some of these keywords so I thought I’d share:

“crack fries”
“flared nostrils”
“women in hotel”, “hotel women”, “women beer barrel”, “women fest”, “women+beer”, and “alcoholic older women”
“mybusters wet the bed”
“sombrero mariachi” (twice, weeks apart…)
“free milf”
“circus monkey brakes”
“ceramic godzillas”
“foot to the balls” (thanks for your 9:20 minutes of viewing pleasure!)
“padres edible panties”
“savannahgeorgiawetshirts” and “savannah ga wet t-shirt contest” (1st page on google nonetheless- sorry to disappoint those searchers…)
“spanking” (3 page views) and “donkey show” (three times- some sick readers…)

Hope you found what you were looking for!

Mar 2010 11

Overheard at the bar lately:

“I’m going to tap that Black Biscuit” (fine, but you’ll be walking funny!)

“I miss those 70’s porn mustaches on guys” (wait, that was me.  And a joke.  And um… mom and dad, I don’t watch porn.  I swear, almost never.  Hardly ever…)

Girlfriend defending boyfriend’s stupidity to another presumed idiot: “They weren’t two DUI’s, they were Unfortunate Incidents” (sure, and when he cheats on you, he really just tripped, lost his clothes, and her hot pocket kept him from faceplanting…)

“I strip to support myself through collage” (no, I didn’t misspell that!)

Apr 2010 01

Made you look!

J/K, the blog is…



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