Apr 2010 22

IMG_0994Sly Fox closed it’s doors at the Phoenixville location forever last Sunday, though you might still be able to sneak in the hole in the side where they removed the tanks.  They are moving across the street, which according to their website could be anytime: “The exact opening date for the New Sly Fox Phoenixville is not yet known; it will be announced once all the inspections and permits are complete and a certificate of occupancy has been approved.”  The goat races are still slated for May 2nd so we’ll see if they’re up and running by then, but I did overhear one owner say this past Sunday’s final pint night at the original location was so successful, they should just shut down every Sunday!  Now if anyone has any connections to the local fire inspector and city permit office, put in a good word so we can get back to our regularly scheduled Monday night tasting group!

May 2010 10


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of work, beer, softball, and trying to catch a breath (or a nap!) so I’m just going to upload a bunch of pics from my first trip covering PA to Maine and all in between and let your imaginations form the story.  Let’s just say it involves the #1 beer bar in the world (Ebenezers, love this place), one that will probably come close to competing with that title yet is affiliated (Lion’s Pride, bartenders who know their shit and what a selection!), and some train/bar-hopping in Boston.  Oh, my liver!


May 2010 14

You know your blog has “made it” in the blog world when the comments stop relating to the BS you’re posting about and start resembling a certain ham product often eaten in Hawaii.  I wish I could say I do this for a living and have the time to weed out the spam from the real comments but I can’t quit my day job yet, so if you somehow found your comment didn’t make it up here, my bad…  You would think grammar would be a good way to narrow down the spam comments as they often sound like “I couldent discover to much other material on this write-up, so it was good to discover this one” or “interesting topic I can’t find much on, thanks for writing” but with the facebooking/myspace/linkedin networking nowadays, that’s pretty much how real people talk online.  So then you have to look into whatever URL they’re promoting and realize the comments should say something more like “come visit my porno site- $5/min to watch water sports…” (and not the kind you see in the X Games…) or “free credit report, because I’ve looked and you obviously don’t have any money to pay your bills!”  Anyways, feel free to “spam comment” my blog with craft beer ads or free brake pads or something, but until then I’ll just keep using my trigger happy index finger to hit the spam/delete comment button.

Jun 2010 02

If your first instinct was like mine (no more thermometers?  end of the heat wave?), you probably thought Ford had killed the Mercury brand years ago.  Imagine my shock to see they have been (and still will still be through the end of the year) producing new Mercury cars.  Seriously?  I’ve never understood why there needs to be basically the same car (Tempo/Topaz, Explorer/Mountaineer) manufactured under two different brand names anyways.  Seems like a waste with all the ridiculous options out there that customize any car.  Oh well, somehow they did manage to sell 9000 vehicles in May 2010.  By comparison, Ford sold 20x as many vehicles that month.  But we can’t forget the other dying car brands: Saab sold just 174 vehicles and Saturn 46.  Even the Smart car was purchased by just about 700 people! 

And the Hummer is dead too.  Yep, small endowed men everywhere will need to find security in another brand…

Jun 2010 15

It can’t get much better for two brand spanking new major leaguers than the success they’ve had since the draft. Stephen Strasburg struck out 14 in just seven innings including the last seven batters in a row that he faced, the last with a 99mph fastball. The 21 year old’s accomplishment is a franchise record (OK, so the Nationals have only been around since 2005) and his opponent was the Pittsburgh Pirates, a team that bats 0.236, but every single batter [..]

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