Jun 2010 17

IMG_8092The Formula Drift competition in Jersey was hot. No seriously, it was like 90 and a soaking humid time regardless of your deodorant. I’m hoping it was the heat that got to the “models” as well. When asked if she liked New Jersey, Miss Formula Drift replied in that squeaky, peroxide-has-killed-my-brain-cells-voice “I’m glad it’s not snowing.” Yeah honey, we get a lot of snow in June. Then again, maybe it her spandex was on too tight. Unfortunately, some guys wore even less, exposing their man-boobs and hairy backs to the world of drifting. But the competition was pretty entertaining. Rubber landing on me and bumpers flying everywhere- those that didn’t completely disintegrate on the track were either pulled off or even sawzalled off to finish the competition. I got some great up-close shots of a few competitors before they played bumper cars up against the barrier wall. Check out my recap story on MotoIQ.  I also have a complete gallery of the pics up as well.

Jun 2010 28

I know, I know, my Philly Beer week recap is a little late.  My memories are more like flashbacks so it took a little time to piece the week together.  Better late than never right?


Nodding Head’s Mole Grog; s/b “Holy Mole”- the freaking perfect accompaniment to taco night (fish and plantain anyone?) [..]

Jul 2010 09

winePA- the state with quite possibly some of the most antiquated liquor laws in existence- is now offering wine for sale at kiosks.  If you’re a wino, swipe your driver’s license or state issued ID, smile at the camera (where an employee at the LCB verifies you match the picture on the license and authorizes the purchase), and blow into a breathalyzer to purchase your bottle at one of two grocery stores- a Giant in Susquehanna Township and a Wegmans in Silver Spring Township. Your selection will include more than 1000 bottles from 53 choices (none of them from PA…) and is open 9am til 9pm everyday but Sunday so if you need a glass of Cabernet to make it through church, better buy ahead of time! 

In light of this newfound drinking freedom, I checked out some of the craziest state liquor laws.  Here are a few: [..]

Jul 2010 30

I turned down a prescription for codeine today.  I know, I know- you substance abusers followers of this blog (and you know who you are!) would have paid good money for one of those wouldn’t you?  But pain is nothing new to me- I’ve been been knocked unconscious, stitched up, and bruised most of my sports-playing life.  Next time, I’ll take preorders and see if its worth my investment!

Besides, this is my “bad” knee.  And a bad knee is like an abusive domestic partner.  Sometimes it surprises you and you’re amazed at something it does that reminds you why you love it so much.  Then bam! you run into another door again…

So I got to change into something more sexy: a hospital muumuu, and take more x-ray’s which are only the precursor to another MRI.  Perfect!  A new nickname- Chernobyl…  I  also got a fresh supply of steroids to being down the swelling.  And y’all wondered how I got such great biceps.

Aug 2010 05

Before yesterday, only 6 baseball players had ever hit 600 home runs.  Three are among the best players to ever play the game: Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, and Willie Mays.  Ken Griffey Jr. is another well-respected one to land that title also.  Then we move into the steroid era, and get Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa, whose names will always implicitly be tainted by accusations of using performance enhancing drugs.  And now we have A-Hole.  Or Asterisk-Rod.  Or whatever you’d like to call him.  If you don’t normally follow baseball but do understand a sports milestone when it occurs, you may have thought the celebration seemed a little weak.  Besides the fact that for days, NL West baseball games and the other fans of uninterested sporting events were being interrupted on the off-chance this idiot could hit one out of the park, there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of craziness once it finally happened.  And it only took 46 at bats in 13 games and 104 specially marked balls used just for this occasion.  Now life can move on.

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