Sep 2010 30
FINAL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Cubs 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Padres 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


What kind of freaking box score is that?  And with the Giants win this afternoon, they are now 3 games over the Padres going into this weekend’s 3 game series in San Francisco.  So it’s pretty much a statistical nightmare right now.  Follow along if you can.

For the Pads to play in the postseason, they have to steamroll the Giants to sweep the series and either win game 163 on Monday (clinch NL west) or lose and clinch the wild card, BUT the Braves (2 games up on SD for the wild card) would also have to roll over and play dead in their series against the Phillies for that last scenario to be possible.  If somehow all three teams end up tied, the Padres and Giants would play Monday in SD for the division, then the other team would face the Braves Tuesday in Atlanta for the wild card.  I’m all for optimism but those scenarios are more like pipe dreams.  It’s 2007 all over again.

So who’s driving the Phillies band wagon?  Might as well jump on now, if at least to pound the Braves this weekend and give the Padres a glimmer of hope!

Oct 2010 18

oswalt-pitchingIt was a twinkling of red and green here in the City of Brotherly Love, as both the Eagles and the Phillies won last night.  Oswalt is my new idol- the man can handle fly balls in left field, dominate on the mound (8 innings last night), and even help himself out a little with a nice hit up the middle.  He advanced to 2nd on the next play, then towards 3rd on a nice hit to right and ignored all stop signs from the 3rd base coach to slide into home to score a run.

I want to see a Phillies/Rangers matchup for the World Series.  That would be a good game with two teams with a lot of heart.  The Yankees can take their arrogance home and, well… I can tell them where to put it!  And being a Padres fan, you know how I feel about the Giants.  They proved how (not so) well they often play last night and the Phils just capitalized on those mistakes.  I doubt San Diego would have looked much better against the Phillies, but the Giants never deserved to make it as far as they have.

Oct 2010 18

Victory’s Yakima Twilight is getting a name change.  Yakima Glory will be released on October 26, 2010.  The video here explains the reason for the new name and offers a description.  Feel free to replace the A in Ale in their logo with a HO. 

A–>HO (hehe, these jokes kill me every time).  Why you ask?

Yakima Glory?  Really folks, not the best name.  Kinda sounds like Yakima Glory Hole.  Was Yakima Dusk taken?  Or Yakima Sunset?  How about Yak-i-ma Backseat (after drinking too many beers)?  If you read the description, Yakima Glory Hole is pretty fitting…

“big, juicy… smoothly into rich, dark… deliver complex satisfaction with a warming edge…”  I rest my case!  Good thing the flavor is better than the name- hoppy nose with a roasty, dark fruit finish. 

Onto some viral marketing- if you haven’t caught Victory’s commercial online (scroll down a few posts), you must check it out.  This beats the typical NSFW emails Richard spams our inboxes with!

Nov 2010 18

SEMA 2010: insane huge car show; more people than the annual porn convention in Vegas  

rim guy1085898203_VoYuS-L


 Car show coverage starts on page 1, but if you just want the nightlife antics from the MotoIQ staff (uh hem… clubs, strippers, and drinking), you’ll want page 6 (unintended pun).


Dec 2010 21

santa beer clipart’tis the season for driving under the influence of spiked eggnog.  Not me- the old ladies donning their blublocker sunglasses, shopping for hideous holiday sweaters for their coal-deserving grandkids and soccer moms with candy cane painted nails and five designer golden rings whipping through the mall parking lot like they stole the sleigh!  TG I’m done with my shopping- thanks Amazon.

santa DD

Now I can enjoy the holiday from the (southern) comfort of my bar stool.  And since you boys and girls have been nice all year, I’m giving you a few naughty cartoons about the meaning of Christmas.

BTW, best holiday quote ever: “I’ve put the Christmas tree out with some pussy.” (Top Gear UK)

far side

Happy Holidays!!!

santa beer docbeer reindeerdrunk santa

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