Jun 2012 25

After a trip to Ohio and back with my turbo car in spring, I thought I had figured out whatever gremlins I unleashed by reigniting an old flame (the combustion one on my 473whp engine) so I didn’t expect any problems making the 2 hour trek to NJ to cover the Formula Drift event.  Nonetheless, when a few cars decided to have an orgy on the freeway ahead of me, the stop and crawl traffic had my temp gauge rising to uncomfortable levels.  Almost luckily, we were so stopped I turned the car off for 20 mins.  I had just about reached that point of what will overheat first- my engine or myself.  And more luckily, after 10 miles of consistent single digit speeds with the heater on high and hot to keep my temps below 220 degrees (eek!), I got back up to cruising levels and temps for both me and the car went back down.

Off to the track Saturday morning- no go.   [..]

May 2012 30

Blue Bomber

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I drove my turbo paperweight (guess I can’t call her that anymore) to work today.  She’s hot (well, runs a little on the high side) and not ready for a track day anytime soon, but it was nice to finally take her out.

May 2012 29

3 countries (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic)

6 cities (Salzburg, Cesky Krumlov, Pilsn, Praja/Prague, Bamberg, Munich)

26ish Liters of Bavarian beers

1200km driven (some at 134mph)

0 hangovers, 1 ibuprofen

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Why is it I don’t buy any souvenirs but I return home with extra baggage?

May 2012 21

Czech this out!

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The Czech republic is ranked #1 for beer consumption, at 160 liters per year, or just under 0.5l a day. I’ve been averaging closer to 2.5l a day while visiting. If I don’t get out of here, I’ll look like I’m 5 months pregnant within the month!

May 2012 16


She’s running, and now she’s legal for the road!  My turbo paperweight was finally inspected and passed with flying colors thanks to my state allowing low mileage cars to be smog exempt.

Now I just need to figure out why it likes to stall (probably thanks to a low 500 rpm idle and some aggressive loping) and figure out if it’s good to drive more than 10 miles which was it’s average each year for the past 3 years.

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