Oct 2011 28

If you haven’t been following the tennis match between the Rangers and Cardinals (which ratings suggest you haven’t), you really are missing baseball history.  A little history- the Cardinals came back from a 10.5 game deficit at the end of August to secure the wild card spot.  After taking care of the assumed favorite, the Phillies, you could tell they wanted this like Cosby to a jello shot.  Games 1 and 2 were unbelievably close- both starters pitched into the bottom of the sixth inning the first game and the Rangers only scored their only two runs in the 9th inning of the second game.  Game 3 was offensive- seriously!  Both teams scored like they were playing a football game.  16 to 7 was the final, with Pujols going deep 3 times to tie the Series record.  Game 4 was a brilliant display of pitching.  Derek Holland was two outs away from a complete game shutout, when Ron Washington pulled him.  The Rangers were up 4 runs- I say let him have his shot at history.  Game 5 didn’t seem to go down as planned.  LaRussa called to the bullpen in the 5th asking for Rzepczynski.  Another call, some confusion, Lance Lynn came in to pitch (on little rest), and suddenly the Rangers had the lead.

And last night’s Game 6 was probably the most exciting yet.  After a one day rain delay, basic baseball fundamentals seemed to go east with the storm.  Once the teams swept 5 errors up on the scoreboard, the game became do or die every inning.  David Freese, who committed one of the most egregious of those errors when he failed to keep a routine pop up in his glove, nailed a two strike, two out, 2 run triple in the 9th to tie it up.  The Rangers came back with two more runs from a Hamilton homer in the tenth- groin injured he can still work a ball.  Lance Berkman tied it up again with a two strike, two out single and we go into the 11th.  The Rangers are shut out in the top and Freese, the hometown hero, absolutely crushes one to straight center, sending this Series to game 7 tonight.  Check it out- 8pm EST.  Even if you’re not into baseball, you can’t help but get a kick out of the dancing and gyrating Washington does in the Rangers dugout.

Oct 2011 23

Jets 27, Chargers 21

And they say lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place… then how do you explain two 4th quarter interceptions that had SD fans crying a Rivers.  Maybe Rex Ryan was right.  Ok, I’ll rinse my mouth out with soap for that comment but Norv has to take some blame for the Chargers 2nd half of the game after coasting into half time with a 21-10 lead.  Not to mention almost every play seemed to carry a neutral zone infraction against SD defense- no more tweaker like movements at the line!  Ugh, just pathetic.  It was their game to lose and they proved it.  You can play like that against the Colts, Dolphins, or Rams but not a team that can win a game!

Oct 2011 19

So the word’s out among the Big Three yellow piss pushing corporations: “maybe nobody wants to drink our crap anymore” as this article outlines.

What took them so long to have this duh moment?  We’ve known their sales have been going down like a desperate chick at last call.  And in that meantime, craft beer manufacturers are building bigger beer systems, selling into new markets, and opening up new places every happy hour.

My favorite part of the article is referring to a speech Tom Long (CEO Miller Coors) gave at a meeting of the National Beer Wholesales Association talking about how to sell beer.  In no specific words, it’s inferred that they have to remind the public that beer tastes good.  It’s a halfway right assertation to make.  Good beer does taste good, but maybe these fizzy beer execs need to find a way to give their beer some taste at all to make them good.  And to that, good luck.  But I’ll refrain from having them pull the wool over my eyes!

Oct 2011 12

I’ll pass on making excuses for not posting much lately- just push that awkwardness aside and check out one amazing trip of a lifetime to New Zealand that has made it too busy to blog lately.  Next time, I’ll smuggle my friends in a suitcase!

Feb 2011 15

I emptied countless quarters into the Pole Position video games when I was a kid, convinced I had a future career as a race car driver but nothing quite takes my car racing gaming skills to the level like Rémi Gaillard, a French dude with an outrageous sense of humor bordering the likes of Jackass. He has stolen cat food while dressed as a pussy, offered flowers to a rotisserie oven while dressed as a chicken, and my favorite: Real World Mario Kart.

This one is also pretty funny- Real World Pacman: http://www.nimportequi.com/en/video_remi_pacman.html
Check out his website for hours of peeing your pants!

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