Oct 2010 10


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As of yesterday:

Rivers vs. Oakland                    8-0

SD vs. Oakland                         13 wins in last 13 games

Spread                                       Chargers, 6.5 points


The Bolts special teams looked more like “special” as in short bus with helmuts…  Two blocked punts and a costly fumble that led to the Raiders winning 64 yard TD.  Final score: 35-27.  I want to puke.  The Chargers dominated on paper but lost the game themselves.  And losing to the only NFL team whose colors are claimed by gang bangers everywhere!  The Padres disappointed me last week and now this- not a good month for SD sports fans!

Oct 2010 06

Finger Lakes 2010

Wine tasting?  Pfft.  Bird watching?  Eh.  Track day and beer!

WGI carsWGI (Watkins Glen International)- home to that redneck racing event called Nascar.  Was I there for that?  Hell no.  I’m not a redneck.  I can make right turns.  I don’t shop at Walmart.  I’m not attracted to my cousin.  This was a hotlapping event- racing for people with teeth!

<– Looks like we got jacked.  Can we get a drivetrain and frame for our comfy seats and steering wheels?  I think Rob (middle with beige sweater) got the seat with the reach around- check out his smile!

Driving in that brace is difficult enough, not sure I could manage heel/toe on the track!


wgi beerBeer/spirits tasting:

Finger Lakes Distilling (Cassis liquer, Riesling grappa, Rye whiskey: burns, baby, burns!)

Two Goats Brewing (2 on tap: IPA and Cream Ale)

Market Street Brewing (sampler; fave was the Dark Ale- roasted cocoa puffs)

Stonecat Cafe for dinner (beef posole, pumpkin ravioli, cheesecake, and a Smuttynose IPA)

Oct 2010 03

The Padres led me on winning both Friday and Saturday night.  I feel like a four-eyed, brace face who was smiled at by the hottest boy in junior high only to see his gaze is directed at the girl behind me.  It was do or die, with the Phils dropping a game to the Braves earlier after taking the first two.  And if the Pads had won tonight, it would have been the interesting three way tie scenario.  Alas, they stared at the Giants celebration in disbelief.  And I’m well aware they wouldn’t have been a strong contender in the post season, so I’ll wait for next year…  So I’ll join the Phillies fan base- go NL!  At least the Chargers won!

Sep 2010 30
FINAL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Cubs 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Padres 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


What kind of freaking box score is that?  And with the Giants win this afternoon, they are now 3 games over the Padres going into this weekend’s 3 game series in San Francisco.  So it’s pretty much a statistical nightmare right now.  Follow along if you can.

For the Pads to play in the postseason, they have to steamroll the Giants to sweep the series and either win game 163 on Monday (clinch NL west) or lose and clinch the wild card, BUT the Braves (2 games up on SD for the wild card) would also have to roll over and play dead in their series against the Phillies for that last scenario to be possible.  If somehow all three teams end up tied, the Padres and Giants would play Monday in SD for the division, then the other team would face the Braves Tuesday in Atlanta for the wild card.  I’m all for optimism but those scenarios are more like pipe dreams.  It’s 2007 all over again.

So who’s driving the Phillies band wagon?  Might as well jump on now, if at least to pound the Braves this weekend and give the Padres a glimmer of hope!

Sep 2010 29

In my shopping cart:


Red onion


Garlic bulbs



I joked with the cashier, “bet you can’t guess what I’m making” and she replied “Um…” 

Really???  Pancakes, what do you think?  [eye roll] Yum, avocados and garlic pancakes, come on now!!!

Seriously, don’t quit your day job… Yes, good beer will accompany this guacamole!

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