Sep 2010 23

car cartoonimg_0594S.T.D. = Serious Trouble Driving

You know- issues in the drivers seat, not the back seat! 

I was strangling my steering wheel so hard coming home from work today, I figured I’d bent it.  Are they still giving away drivers licenses in Cracker Jack boxes?  I see way too many moronic moves on the road to feel safe behind the wheel.  Here’s a little driving test- rate your ability on the road.

Give yourself 1 point if you answer yes to the following questions:


Sep 2010 12



These classic hot rod guys sure know how to do it!

Powered by beer?  Not quite.

It appears to be an overfill reservior for the radiator, and probably not filled with the light lager it advertises.

And no, when you’re done, peeing in the gas tank won’t get you home!

Sep 2010 10

coffee stout               Bluegrass Brewing Company Heine Brothers (local) coffee stout




               Slight pepper finish

               Mouthfeel is a little thin, but it is an oatmeal stout

               Wish this had been in my glass this morning when I started work!

Sep 2010 09

1) Dust off the bats

2) Clean up the lineup

3) Sweep the Dodgers

Isn’t it better to win games?  It’s not much, but at least it’s a 2 game lead.  Back to playing like the Padres- good small ball offense and pitching that just reeked of all kinds of filthy, especially from Corey Luebke.  Let’s not look back…

Except to keep our eyes on Colorado!  Those damn Rockies have ascended their way up the NL West, just 4.5 games back.  And I don’t know about you but I’m not comfortable counting them out until they are locked in the basement.  The Pads start a “make it or break it” 4 game series with the Giants tonight at Petco.  Home field advantage or not, the Pads are feeling the heat like a lobster tossed into a pot of boiling water.  Then they head to Colorado next week, where the Rockies win twice as many games as they lose at their own ballpark.  September is going to be a tough month, especially after a 10 game slide like a stripper down a pole.  Don’t lose your shirts this time SD!

Sep 2010 07

That wasn’t an earthquake in San Diego last night- it was a collective sign of relief followed by a round of cheering and applause.  The Padres finally managed to outscore their opponents.  And go figure, they did it with the help of fundamental baseball playing.  We’re embarking on the final weeks before post season baseball.  This better be the beginning of a winning streak, something similar to the 1932 Pirates after their 10 consecutive losses while leading their division.  Just don’t end up 4 back at the end of the season like they did!

What other teams leading their divisions have had 10 game losing streaks?  None.  Because you don’t lead a division by losing 10 straight, duh!

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