Apr 2010 13

UJ’s Hopfest

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Another successful Hopfest at Union Jack’s Manatawny

With reservations taken far in advance, all tables including the usually closed banquet hall were completely booked.  Luckily, the weather was nice enough to grab a beer and enjoy it outside.

The Pliny was plentiful (for about 30 minutes) and replaced by Supplication (which lasted maybe even less time), but check out the rest of this list:


Apr 2010 13

Padres win!

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It doesn’t happen often, so I have to highlight it.  But not only did they win, they CRUSHED the Braves 17-2 last night at their season home opener.  They’re still trying to figure out the lineup too.  The #1 hitter spot this year has gone 2 for 30 (0.067) the first seven games of the series.  That’s not exactly a batting average you want for your leadoff.  3 different hitters have occupied the first batting position, including Cabrera during Monday night’s game, but even he went 1-6 at the plate then.  Maybe it’s just bad luck for them to bat first!

I guess it’s not that bad, Padres are 3-4 this year and so far undefeated at home!  Of course, they’ve only played one game there so far…  Could be worse- Houston is 0 and 7!

Apr 2010 05

padresAfter football season, I had to twiddle my thumbs waiting for any other sports besides basketball (yawn) to occupy my TV.  Sure, F1 is on but it doesn’t take long to watch a race unless you keep rewinding a nice, rainy one like Australia to check out all the crashes.  But luckily, I can return to a sports bar without being bored by March Madness.  If you missed last night’s 9-7 Red Sox win over the Yankees, you’re un-American.  One of the greatest rivalries in baseball and let’s hope last night’s game is a solid predictor of how these two teams will match up the remainder of the year.  Yep, you heard me right.

Now onto the Padres and hopes for the 2010 season.  They kick off their season with a three-game series at Arizona tonight and battled last year for the bottom two spots in the NL West.  The Padres have a rather dreadful 9-18 record at Phoenix’s Chase Field over the past three seasons.

Pop quiz: Name all the teams that lost more games than the Padres last September… [..]

Apr 2010 01

Berkshire/Julio’s bourbon barrel scotch ale.

I suppose if I had an appetite for sweaty balls, I’d be all over that crap.  But I don’t.  Don’t make the same mistake!  You’ve been warned.

Apr 2010 01

Made you look!

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