SEMA 2013, Vegas baby
Nov 2013 14

Biggest, baddest car show in the City of Sin!

Project Garage: Car Lifts
Nov 2013 07

Car Lift: :  a hydraulic machine by which automobiles are hoisted above the floor to give access to the underparts.  I like access to underparts!  Every time I work on a tranny, I throw my back out like a bag of garbage.  MIQ breaks it down.

More than a gearhead
Oct 2013 11

Don’t be fooled.  Just because I can swap a motor, don’t assume my cooking skills are limited to whatever I can throw in a microwave or toaster oven.  Perhaps it’s my love for craft beer that feeds my discernible flavor palate but I cook by taste (never measure) and it’s delicious; at least 99% of the time!  I present to you exhibit A. Excuse the 2 gigabit tablet camera pic- I was too hungry (er, lazy) to get something from this century.

On the right, a roasted beet, caramelized onion and garlic and parm reggiano pizza. On the left, a kale, orange, fennel, feta and sardine pizza.  Sardines?!?!?!  I know… Try ’em- they might surprise you; who doesn’t love a good salt lick?  It’s a triple threat of flavor combinations- sweet, savory, and salty.  A Founders All Day IPA  compliments both pizzas perfectly.

7am Race Gas
Sep 2013 30

7am Race Gas

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There’s something invigorating about the smell of race gas, tires, and brakes early in the morning.  And while I’d love to put my own life in my hands and drive the track myself, it’d cost a small fortune to make any of my cars track worthy right now.  Good or bad, I have little fear on the track whether it’s driving or navigating.  I tend to giggle when someone takes me off track. And as long as that offroading experience doesn’t end with a few cartwheels, welding a bumper to a door, or mating a tire wall, correct the line and move on!

So because of those enormous imaginary balls I’m hiding in yoga pants (figured I’d give my male friends that mental image they’re always drooling over… with a twist!), my friend Mark (who loves said yoga pants) offered me a ride in his newly mounted passenger seat.  Watkins Glen is an amazing 2.45 mile long track with elevation changes that Sebastian Vettel has cited as his #1 track to race at if ever given the chance.  So hell yeah, I strapped myself in and enjoyed the scenery- kidding Mark!  Want to ride along?  Check out his goPro video.

Q&A: Rotaries and Blankies
Sep 2013 12

Find out what it’s all about!

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