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lambo bullLamborghini um… yes please!

a.       Ferruccio Lamborghini was obsessed with bulls (hence the raging bull emblem) and his cars were often named for this obsession.  The Murcielago (Hot! Hot! Hot! LP640 – 6.5L V12 making 640hp and launch control capable of lighting up all four wheels) is named for the bull who survived 28 sword strokes in an 1879 bullfight in Cordoba before Matador El Lagartijo spared his life.  Reventon was named after the famous bull that took the life of Mexican torero Felix Guzman.  The Urraco and the Jalpa are both a breed of bull.  The Espada is Spanish for sword.  The Jarama refers to the historic bullfighting region in Spain.  The Islero was named for the bull that killed Matador Manolete in 1947.  The 2008 concept car, Estoque, is named after the estoc (sword) used to kill the bull in contest.  [..]

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apolloGumpert Apollo – $400,000+ (though you’ll have to throw down a few hundred more G’s to get the most performance)

a.       Audi 4.2L V8 twin turbocharged engine, but three versions of tune.  The base version makes 641hp, the sport version is at 691hp, and the race version makes 789hp.



apollo engine

b.       Mated to a six-speed sequential dual-clutch gearbox operated by clutch pedal and a big vertical lever- no steering wheel paddles.   

c.       0-60 mph in 3.0 seconds and a top speed of 224mph

d.       Tubular chromoly frame with fiberglass or optional carbon fiber body panels; entire car (engine included) weighs just 2400-2600 pounds!



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I’m famous!

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Well, part of me…  scroll down to the keg kicker.

I’m sure my mom is proud.

Mar 2010 22

I’m gonna say it- Pliny the Younger is overrated. I wouldn’t kick it out of my goblet or anything, but there are so many other great IPA’s out there that it’s not worth going out of your way to have some PtY. It falls in line with another overhyped beer- Three Floyd’s Dark Lord (soy sauce anyone?) though much of this hype is from the DL event/beer exchange. It’s not that I don’t think PtY is a good beer- it is- but there are other (much easier to find) IPA’s are out there that more than just rival the “world’s best beer”: Ballast Point Sculpin (Dorado and Big Eye are also tasty), Stone Ruination, Tyranena Scurvy, Green Flash West Coast IPA, Bell’s Two Hearted, even Pliny the Elder, a slightly less overwhelming sibling to PtY. Russian River also makes Bling Pig (6%) and even a regular IPA (6.5%) that are both delicious. I’m also a huge fan of Alpine’s Nelson (that recognizable grapefruit rind taste makes New Zealand’s Nelson Sauvin hop my favorite). These might not offer as much in-your-face hop but they do offer one thing PtY doesn’t: availability.

Mar 2010 22


Ferrari F40 – $415,000 (though some buyers reportedly paid as much as $1.6M)

a.       2.94L V8 twin (IHI turbos at 16psi) turbocharged making 478 hp; boost comes on around 4000 rpm- hold on tight!

b.       F40 stands for Ferrari Forty and celebrates Ferrari’s 40th anniversary as a car manufacturer.

c.        Initially only 400 F40’s were commissioned, but 1,315 ended up being produced through 1992 [..]

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