Sep 2009 10

GTMW Part 3

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Started the morning checking out the new New Glarus brewery.  Phenomenal, I have a million pictures of that place so if I ever get around to loading them, I’ll write more.  Then onto Great Dane Brewing for a nice lunch and free bus ride to Olin- Turnville Park for the brewfest.

The fest… whew, there are more people waiting in line than the unemployment offices in Detroit!  Amazingly, it took us all about 5 minutes to get through the gate and get our tasting glasses.  No order, but no chaos. [..]

Sep 2009 03

Proof country western stars sing about everything…

Aug 2009 31

GTMW Part 2

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So I left off at Hopcat and sloshed my way back to the hotel… I awoke feeling like I had been hit by a train while riding a tilt-a-whirl during a marching band’s practice.

img_0581img_0587After a cold shower and a bottle of ibuprofen, on the road again!  New Holland Brewing is in Holland, MI, a replica city of its European namesake complete with yearly tulip festival and working Dutch windmill!  [..]

Aug 2009 26

The Last Drops

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Yep, one of these days I really will DL the rest of the GTMW pics for your viewing pleasure, I swear, but just a few notes from this past week:

‘Tis the Saison

Larry at Iron Hill West Chester unleashed his staff onto his Saison, allowing them to funk-defy it in whatever unadulterated way they deemed tasty.  Then he invited the world to come sample the formulations and vote on their favorites.  The varieties included La Peche Mode (peaches, honey, rhubarb, and a little too much pepper…), Betrayal (black licorice-ish), Awesome Sauce (pineapple, honey, and mango- hmmm… don’t have to think too hard about that name right?), and Chai’natown Bus, the clear winner of the group that gives new meaning to being tea-bagged while drinking.  Interesting concept and IH will be brewing the ChaiBus, hopefully available soon.

Chocolate Starfish

What the eff was going through the Left Hand marketing team when they named a beer after the glory hole?  Nice ingredient list too- cola, coffee, and chewy raisins, all the makings of a… no, that’s even too gross for me to say!  What’s next?  The Brown Eye-PA?

UJ’s Wedding

Everyone’s favorite bartender at Union Jacks’ (this week at least) attached his balls to a sturdy chain (we call her Liz) this past Monday night at Union Jacks, complete with dinner, open bar (Dreamweaver, Two Hearted, the grape stuff and the clear stuff), and an awesome concert from the totally popular local band Frog Holler.  Congrats guys!

Aug 2009 21

GTMW Part 1

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Beerfest Resume:
List of Accomplishments –
Vermont Brewers Fest, San Diego Strong Ale Fest (and various Stone and Lost Abbey events), Boston Extreme Beer Fest, and many fests in the Philly Area from the Kennett Square to the Real Ale festival

Future Goals – GABF, Oregon Brewers Festival, Knoxville Brewers Jam, and Brewgrass Festival

But this year I succeeded in scoring tickets to the Great Taste of the Midwest, no easy feat as they are as readily obtainable as winning the Powerball jackpot. [..]

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