Mar 2009 22

crw_0126-1crw_0130-2img_0131-3The long weekend was blurry, er… went by in a blur.  By sheer cowinkydink, the Grey Lodge Firkenteenth coincided with PBW.  The early bird catches the worm(wood).  Well, not really, but even with us AM Imbibers, we still couldn’t get anything to kick!  We gave up still in the first “round” but I did enjoy the Dock Street Hop Garden and Sierra Nevada Stout. 


Mar 2009 17

img_0107-2-1Whew, what a firkin week!!! Friends don’t let friends drink and blog so my computer has been off-limits, but it’s now time for a little PBW wrap-up, Part 1. I missed the opening weekend of PBW due to a previously planned car event in Rochester NY (definitely NOT a beer utopia…) and didn’t get a chance to tap into the festivities until the start of the week after work. Monday began at the Flanigan’s Boathouse Happy Hour in Conshohocken for the Meet the Brewer event with Rudi Ghequire from Palm/Rodenbach.


Mar 2009 06

Sports Shorts

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#81 is 86’d

Just one season after the Cowboys signed a 4 year extension to wide receiver Terrell Owens for $34 million, including a $12 million bonus, TO is again without a team.  Dallas has been looking to rid itself of distractions in the locker room and on the field and had already released talented but suspension-riddled cornerback and kick returner Pacman Jones.  Owens seems to have a history of friction with starting quarterbacks.  He left the San Francisco 49er’s in 2003, later implying in an interview with Playboy that QB Jeff Garcia was um, how should I say this… going deep for the same team (wink, wink), and he’s insinuated [..]

Mar 2009 02

Any event that could keep hundreds of people shivering in a line a mile long for up to an hour in bitterly cold Boston February weather must be good.  The Beer Advocate Extreme Beer Fest featured a lineup of beers I yearn for and many I had never before tasted. We warmed up our livers at Redbones and Cambridge Brewing Company the night before.

The one thing about beer is most people can agree one beer is ‘da shit or just shit, but everything in between is relative to taste, opening up a huge variety of flavors and styles to explore. Two of the beers really tickled my palate.  I’ll move to Smurf Village if all the taps serve Allagash’s Gargamel, a lip-smackingly delicious sour ale aged in red wine casks.  Allagash also offered Bi-Curieux, a 1 1/2 years barrel aged, dry-humped (er… hopped) version of Curieux.  The Lost Abbey Phunky Duck was also a beak above the rest.  This sour ale was brewed as the backbone to their Duck Duck Gooze program and the name just quacks me up!  I can’t wait ‘til the “Geuze is Loose” sometime later this year.


Feb 2009 17

America’s Finest City sure didn’t host America’s Finest Baseball team in 2008.  If anything, the Padres looked like a group of clumsy junior high kids picked last for an intramural game.  They finished 7 games back in the NL West… and not even from first place, but 7 games worse than the 4th place San Francisco Giants!  Much like his team, Padres owner John Moores’ marriage also fell apart last year, a deal is in the works for Jeff Moorad to purchase the team. After the deal is finalized, CEO Sandy Alderson will step down from the organization.  Moores had originally been expected to anty up $15M into the organization this year but now there will no doubt be a decline in the payroll budget for a team that could really use a few deep-pocketed big players.  The only good news in this ambiguous situation is regarding Peavy. While he’s not off the chopping block yet, he will most likely not be so actively shopped around like he was during the off season.  So what does this year hold for us Friar Fans?


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