Nov 2008 24

The Chargers aren’t just underachieving, they are overdisappointing! It doesn’t totally come as a shock that the Bolts lost to the Colts with a Vinatieri 51 yard redemption field goal as the clock ran out.  It’s not like it’s the first time. The Chargers have given up the lead in the final 24 seconds in four games this season! Forget about the third down phantom pass interference calls on the Chargers or how at 4-7, they are still considered in the race for the Super Bowl, if the Bolts aren’t energized the rest of the season, I’ll have to pick up a new hobby, like Canadian Geese calling or snow angel sculpting.

Nov 2008 20

With a small fleet of Nissan/Infiniti cars occupying the 4 car garage and much of the parking lot (uh hem, driveway), I could possibly qualify for a fleet discount with my state’s department of transportation, but inherently, having to maintain all the cars is almost a full time job. Some fluid always has to be changed, some rubber rotated, something washed, inspected, jump started… For the most part, these chores are pretty spread out through much of the year, although I do buy fuel filters in bulk and oil by the gallons. But not a single car has gone to a shop or dealership for anything other than the required yearly inspection or warranty work, so there’s always a long list of car projects.

Turbo paperweight

My B14 Sentra is a turbo paperweight. It was the first new car I bought and was more suitable for grocery getting or my hour long commute to college with a yawn-enducing 1.6L automatic. After many a time and dime, I swapped in a panty-wetting turbocharged JDM 2.0L with manual tranny that makes close to 500 wheel horsepower on a stock bottom end. It is also most likely home to many a small creature that has ventured in the cobweb infested wheel wells and undercarraige. This car has never seen salt, snow, or any winter weather and never will. And with that much horsepower, it’s not exactly a daily driver anymore either.


Nov 2008 16

$100M OOPS

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Baseball is my favorite sport but since the Padres never really contested for a spot in the 2008 World Series at all this year, I’ll try to reclaim some San Diego sports pride by cheering on the Chargers, who were forecasted to be one of the top teams to watch this season. However, the Bolts are playing defense like kindergarteners calling “Red Rover, Red Rover, send anyone with a ball right on over” and they continue to allow opposing teams to rack up yards and points against them.


Nov 2008 10

SEMA 2008

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img_7643-1The 2008 SEMA show was held November 4th-7th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. In case you were just born yesterday, the SEMA show is the world’s largest professional trade show for the racing and aftermarket parts industry. It is the biggest, baddest, and craziest car show there is in existence. The first week of each November over a hundred thousand car industry leaders descend into the City of Sin for 4 days of automotive heaven.


Nov 2008 04

My book at the HPBooks booth at SEMA

My book “How to Build a Performance Nissan Sport Compact Car” has just been released and you should own it so I can support my “two tracks a day” habit.  It is comprehensive guide to modifying the 1991 – 2006 Nissan Sentra, NX, and 200sx and Infiniti G20 for street and racing performance. The book includes chapters on models and engines, engine theory, bolt-on performance components, cylinder heads and bottom end modifications, forced induction, engine swaps, brakes, suspension, wheels and tires, cosmetic and aerodynamics, and safety.


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