Ford Figo ad
Mar 2013 23

Ford Figo ad

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Have you driven a Ford lately?  This is what happens when you outsource marketing to India.  Best comment ever- are these women optional or do they come standard with purchase?

Getting tubular
Feb 2013 18

Me and my man harem

Super Bowel
Feb 2013 03

Super Bowel

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Every once in awhile, you just need an excuse to eat like a football player and what better reason than the Super Bowl?  I started by loading up nachos for lunch- chips, 4 cheese blend, beans, salsa, green chiles, and avocado crema.  I was going to make some artichoke dip for a snack but there was an illegal motion in my digestive system.  In the 3rd quarter, it was hot dogs with chile, cheese, and onion.  I washed it down with a  9.4% 2010 Hoppin Frog B.O.R.I.S. Russian Imperial Stout and 10% 2008 Hair of the Dog Fred from the Wood (which I won’t be able to pronounce when finished).  And finally, some Ben and Jerry’s froyo for dessert.  After this lineup, my colon called a timeout.  I’d like to apologize to my coworkers in advance though I doubt I’ll be the only one…

If you watched the Puppy Bowl instead, here’s what you missed:

1) Brother on brother SB

2) Longest return in NFL history (109 yards with only one missed tackle). Scratch that: tied the longest return at 108 yards “after further review”

3) A momentum changing Amish electricity spike that led to a 34 min delay of game.

This delay gave the 49er’s some time to actually develop a game plan and at 1:54, they had a chance at 4th down before throwing a moon ball.  Game.  Over.  Nice safety play call and here’s to an entertaining Harbaugh family reunion…

If you only watched for the commercials, they kinda disappointed.  My favorite- probably the red M&M singing Meatloaf…

Chargers 2014!

Welcome to Fe-brewery
Feb 2013 01

Drink up!

Pro Bowl
Jan 2013 27

Pro Bowl

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I was all set to humor myself watching the Pro Bowl and then noticed Top Gear DL’d. Oh yeah baby, it’s back.  How better to start off the season than featuring the Pagani Huayra?  It’s faster than how long it’d take you to figure out the pronunciation (“hwhi-ra”), clocking in almost 1.5 seconds faster than the last top car around the track, the Ariel Atom.  And with features like a Transformer, it’s got to feel other worldly to drive.  Wet dream checklist:

6.0L V12 Twin turbo AMG engine making 720hp

0-60 in 3.3 seconds

1.66g lateral acceleration at speeds up to 230mph

7 speed sequential gearbox

Carbotanium monocoque chassis

Four flaps that can open to produce downforce

No point in watching second string players not headed to the Super Bowl when this is on!

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