When pigskins fly…
Jan 2013 13

So my team isn’t in it anymore.  Not that they ever seemed to be in “it” (the season) in the first place.  That doesn’t stop me from watching what ended up being two really interesting playoff games yesterday.  Just when the Broncos seemed to have it in the bag, they turned the ball over to Baltimore under the two minute warning.  Joe Flacco threw an incomplete, they rushed for a few yards, and then when it was close to putting a fork in it, Flacco prayed on a 70 yard Hail Mary shot that somehow flew on the wings of an angel  (Jacoby Jones) into the endzone; the extra point tied it up with 31 seconds left.  Almost two overtime quarters later and Ravens kicker Justin Tucker’s 47 yard field goal kept Baltimore’s season going.

Then San Fran and Green Bay played an offensive game.  The 49er’s racked up 579 total yards with QB Colin Kaepernick passing for 263 and running (some QB’s can still do that…) for a record-setting 181 yards himself.  Just when I think football is exciting- especially when you’re not partial to any team playing- the Atlanta Falcons are making the Seattle Seahawks look pigeon toed right now, outscoring them 27-7 in the third so far.  I guess we know who the bird of prey is in this game…

UPDATE: Looks like the Falcons got caught holding their sandwich too liberally.  After a huge comeback, the Seahawks just swooped in to score with ironically, 31 seconds left.  Score- 28 to 27, Seahawks…  Talk about a come from behind team!

2x: OMG, 13 seconds and the Falcons nail a field goal (after missing the first attempt during a time out call).  Seattle gets one last attempt and the moon ball is intercepted in the Seahawk’s endzone by Atlanta.  Another incredible game!

Jan 2013 05

Part of my uncanny abilities as a cunning linguist can be attributed to my insatiable appetite for anything written.  From car magazines (the few still in print) to the Wall Street Journal to fashion mags, I drink it all up.  Books are no match either- give me a plane ride or a few hours on a couch and I down them like a recovering alcoholic whose lips have just tasted a drop of the good stuff after a long sober period.  I like them dry with a twist.  I consume mixed short stories brewed by intoxicating authors.  I quaff drafts not yet ready for public consumption.  From sugar coated to bitter(s), old-fashioned tales to cosmopolitan dramas, an elixir of wry (rye) recollections, these thirst quenchers satisfy my cravings.  Off to imbibe!

Hoppy New Beer!
Jan 2013 01

Celebrated the start of the New Year with an Allagash Gargamel, Scaldis Prestige (AKA my Christmas bonus- thanks boss!), and Russian River Deviation, one of the best (and rarest) wild ales to grace these lips in quite some time!  Let’s just say it was a wild night- the beers at least…

New Years Resolution- keep on traveling to new places, drinking new things, and trying new foods.  I sat behind one of my wet dream cars in 2012- the Skyline GT-R- so here’s to wrapping my hands around a Bugatti Veyron steering wheel in 2013!

Pike’s Peak crash
Dec 2012 19

You don’t have to be a car person to have seen the video of this Evo flying off the cliff at Pike’s Peak this year.  It was blasted all over tv from the Today Show to Piers Morgan.  I had a chance to view this carnage in person and it ain’t pretty but the roll cage did exactly what it needed to do- let two people walk away alive.  Check out the story!

Dec 2012 16

Chargers suck. They dangled a glimmer of hope in front of my eyes last week with their unexpected win over the Steelers much to the chagrin of some of my Pittsburgh coworkers. And now with their pathetic offensive (truly…) line against Carolina, it’s the nail on the coffin for the season. I apologize to the Steelers fans for wasting a win on your team. Off to fold up some team gear and hang a tail between my legs. Go eh… Who knows anymore…

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