Nov 2012 18

What the F1?

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I’ve visited the Red Bull Museum which lets you get almost as close as sitting in the cockpit of one of these asphalt jets, but I still haven’t been to an F1 race.  And this weekend- F1 returned to the US at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.  Today’s race highlighted a technical track and some good dicing but Vettel and Hamilton ran away with it, finishing about 38 seconds ahead of 3rd place Alonso.  Vettel basically gave up the lead with a bad line into turn 1 but it also exhibited how competitive the DRS (Drag Reduction System) can make a race.  DRS allows a following car (within 1 second) to open up its rear wing to limit downforce on the (3/4 mile in Austin) straightaway to help overcome a lead car.  Looks like a fun track and it’s definitely on my bucket list, though I’d probably prefer Monaco, Catalunya (Spain), or Spa (Belgium) if I win the lotto.  Gotta try for some media passes next year!

Nov 2012 13

Roasted Leg of Lamb

Thinly sliced cukes and tomato drizzled in homemade tzatziki sauce

Olive bar (green stuffed with pimento and garlic stuffed kalamatas) with roasted red peppers and a sprinkle of feta

Roasted artichoke

Grilled flatbread

Cidre Bouche Brut du Normandie (champagne yeast cider)

Dinner was served

Nov 2012 11

Since I’ve disowned mine, I’m looking for a team to root for the rest of the season. Must be a little bit of an underdog (I’m not a bandwagoneer), be able to keep momentum going in the 2nd half, and incapable of multiple INT (especially those taken for TD’s)- I’m too young to start heart medication.  Bonus- cool colors or a good mascot.

Chargers: I was quick to defend and slow to react but something’s gotta give; whether is Norv or Rivers, there needs to be some change because this isn’t working anymore…  and I have the damn Rivers jersey too… RIP San Diego 2012.

SEMA 2012
Nov 2012 06

SEMA 2012

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Check out my SEMA 2012 article on MotoIQ for the crazy trends and Vegas nightlife!

Oct 2012 26


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The Red Bull museum in Salzburg, Austria is freaking amazing!!!  Check out my story!

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