Oct 2012 19

Dimpled cars

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Ever wonder why golf balls have dimples?  Better yet, is there any benefit from designing your car with the same theory?  Check it out!

Oct 2012 16


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After last week’s ping pong match between the Chargers and the Saints (who were 0-4 leading up to the game) ended in a disappointing loss, you’d think the Chargers would step it up a little.  Rivers had even commented after last week’s game “But we can grow so much from this.”  If he did learn anything, you wouldn’t have known it by how he played last night.

And Peyton Manning gets credit for the biggest comeback of his career- down 24-0 at the half- when essentially it was his defense that won the game.  The Chargers steamrolled the Broncos the first half and then somehow managed to get brain damage during their break, came back in the 3rd and played the exact opposite.  Rivers threw some beautiful passes but had forgotten what color his team was wearing.  I’ve never seen a box score look so divided- all Bolts the first half and all Broncos the 2nd half.  And now, a team that should be 5-1 (the loss to the undefeated Falcons was acceptable, the 27-3 score not so much), a team that statistically won last night’s game, is tied for the AFC West.  Finally, a televised game and this is how you treat the fans!!

Oct 2012 14

Top 10 Things going through Felix Baumgartner’s head as he falls out of a capsule at 120,000 feet:


1) Did I update my will?

2) Shouldn’t have had those 4 cups of coffee before putting this suit on.  There’s gotta be a trap door somewhere…

3) When will the bungee cord engage?  This is the record for highest bungee jump right?

4) Sure makes those F1 drivers look like a bunch of pansies!

5) Well, I’m never losing a bet again!

6) So New Mexico is left?  Or right?

7) This Dramamine better work.

8) “Go, Go, Gadget wings!”

9) This is so much cooler than Space Invaders.

10) This stunt better get me laid.

Catch my Drift
Sep 2012 28

Catch my Drift

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Just covered the XDC Drift finals at Texas Motor Speedway outside Dallas/Fort Worth.  Check out my cone carnage shots!


Sep 2012 16

Bus Fuss

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In a country where bikes quite possibly outnumber pedestrians, Denmark’s bus system is also pretty tempting.  I have limited skills with the Danish language- 5 days in Copenhagen and a few lessons on Pimsleurs Dutch- yep, wrong language (my bad). But I gather that the driver is “cool”, the bus does donuts, and there’s even a “street” element to appeal to those Dane hoodlums.

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