I created this site to blog about my trifecta of hobbies- cars, beer, and sports.  This is closest I can come to blending my hobbies into one, because face it- drinking and driving is just stupid. I also want to debunk the stereotypes that are often associated with these hobbies.  Any true car enthusiast is not haphazardly weaving in and out of highway traffic.  Any good beer aficionado is not pounding back pints of ale at every chance until their liver is obliterated. And not all sports fans like pizza and beer. Wait! Ok… well… maybe not all the stereotypes!

Taking a cue from the Jeremy Clarkson narrated introductions of the Stig each episode of Top Gear, I asked my friends to help with the intro.  “Some say her heel/toe technique resembles a two left-footed box step, others say she once completed an engine swap removing the motor through the firewall and out the passenger door…”

In reality, their short descriptions were all over the place, some flattering (Industrious, Easygoing, Generous, and Intense) and some more fitted for open mic night at the Sarah Forst Roast (Ghetto Booty, Quirky, and Unhibited). The last one was from my sister. I hope she doesn’t think I’d throw off my top and pole dance for a dollar, but more like I speak my mind. Not that I haven’t been known to dance up on the bar at Hogs and Heffers…. Of course that comment probably also alludes to my “Open Mouth, Insert Foot” syndrome that led one friend to name me the “Queen of Sexual Innuendo.”

One word was used repeatedly to describe me- Sarcastic. I’m not sure how they could possibly derive that from the dry, sardonic commentary I make about life experiences but… Deep down inside, I’ve always considered myself a Cunning Linguist, so we’ll see how well that sarcasm translates on a website. Mostly this blog is just to detail my adventures around the world experiencing all I can about what I love, treading the fine line between technical and impractical, educational and sensational, thoughtful and sometimes just thoughtless.

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