Nov 2008 04

My book at the HPBooks booth at SEMA

My book “How to Build a Performance Nissan Sport Compact Car” has just been released and you should own it so I can support my “two tracks a day” habit.  It is comprehensive guide to modifying the 1991 – 2006 Nissan Sentra, NX, and 200sx and Infiniti G20 for street and racing performance. The book includes chapters on models and engines, engine theory, bolt-on performance components, cylinder heads and bottom end modifications, forced induction, engine swaps, brakes, suspension, wheels and tires, cosmetic and aerodynamics, and safety.

Even if you don’t own these cars, this book provides a basic understanding of how non-rotary engines work, and a much more thorough explanation of engine components and design such as how rod to stroke ratios affect piston speeds and power range, as well as an excellent turbocharging section, including many formulas to help calculate estimated horsepower and the size fuel system necessary to support that power.

I was formerly the Tech Editor and a Writer for Nissan Performance Mag for 5 years and have built numerous Nissan and Infiniti engines including my 473 wheel horsepower Sentra.  The books make great gifts as well, and one friend said it is very enjoyable bathroom reading, so pick up your copy today!

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  1. Jerry Eads says:

    Well now I know why so many guys have a crush on this neat lady. Sat (at a bar, of course) listening to a few other car geek friends at the just past national SR20 convention and wondered WHO that woman was who kept saying intelligent car things. After about an hour, long story short, I was introduced to her and finally realized it was THAT Sarah. When I first started thinking about building one of these cars I didn’t even know how many wheels it had; found her early writing on the web on the cars. In honesty she’s the one who gave me MUCH of my grounding for the car (I’ve had a wrench in my hand since I was five; I’m now 63, even owned my own shop at one time, but I did not know this car). Have only read a few pages at this point; will say more when I’ve had enough to judge, but per usual she’s clear and easy to read. My only complaint so far is there is NO pic of her on the back cover – – –