Jan 2009 05

The Bolts stopped Indianapolis’ running game and maintained some of the amazing offense from the previous week to win the wild card playoff game on Saturday.  There was the good- Sproles got game, the bad- a few close to the endzone turnovers, including a touchback just yards away from being a touchdown, and the ugly- a Pennington quick snap that caught the Bolts defense with their thumbs in their asses, resulting in a Colts TD.

Sproles running game was unstoppable

Sproles running game was unstoppable (Photo courtesy of Chargers)

Mike Scifres must have equipped his foot with a distance controlling mechanism as he kicked six punts inside the 20 against the Colts, including four under 10 yards from a full field drive attempt!  Leaving the Colts with a long field certainly helped the Chargers “D” cut their game short.  I sure missed seeing LT do his thing out there, but the smallest guy on the field came up big for the Bolts.  Darren “Tank” Sproles combined for 328 all purpose yards whipping left and right through inconceivably tiny holes in the Colts defense.  I find watching basketball about as exciting as women’s golf (basically a snore…) so hopefully the Chargers can continue their road to the Super Bowl or I’ll be pretty bored until spring training.