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#81 is 86’d

Just one season after the Cowboys signed a 4 year extension to wide receiver Terrell Owens for $34 million, including a $12 million bonus, TO is again without a team.  Dallas has been looking to rid itself of distractions in the locker room and on the field and had already released talented but suspension-riddled cornerback and kick returner Pacman Jones.  Owens seems to have a history of friction with starting quarterbacks.  He left the San Francisco 49er’s in 2003, later implying in an interview with Playboy that QB Jeff Garcia was um, how should I say this… going deep for the same team (wink, wink), and he’s insinuated Eagles QB Donovan McNabb ate regurgitated leftovers while in the huddle during the Super Bowl game.  Owens has unabashedly vocalized his frustration for Cowboys QB Tony Romo, who he thinks favors tight end Jason Whitten over Owens.  A five time All Pro, ranked second in career TD’s, fifth in career yards receiving, and sixth in career receptions, Owens will not get the chance to finish his career in Dallas as he had intended.  He will now search for a team well versed in how to handle behavior problems- maybe the Vikings or Raiders are looking for a WR.


Manny Being Whiny

The only reason Boston fans ever put up with Manny Ramirez was he could connect the bat to the ball well and however sluggish he played, still made some plays- at least when not faking an injury.  He had a good thing going in Boston, including two $20 million options for 2009 and 2010, but agent Scott Boras told Manny there was a goldmine available for his services.  After he helped carry the Dodgers to the NLCS, they started shopping Manny to the highest bidder.  The Dodgers offered Manny two years at $45 million the first week of November, but he wanted six years at the same per year salary.  The self-described “five-tool player” (hit for average, hit for power, speed on the bases, a great throwing arm, and excellent defense) did put up good numbers in the 2008 season with the Dodgers including a 0.396 batting average, 17 home runs, 53 RBI’s, and 36 runs, but signing any baseball player who would pass the big 4-0 just over halfway through a long contract term is not a smart option.  Manny may excel in the batter’s box but his defense is forever influenced by his mood swings and a turtle may make a better pinch runner.  Manny went “all in” and Dodgers owner Frank McCourt called his bluff, signing Manny yesterday to a (surprise, surprise) two year $45 million contract.  


Wanted: Star QB for cheap

Patriots fans can rejoice as Tom Brady’s knee should be healed and ready to go for the opener, evident by the Pats trading QB Matt Cassel to Kansas City.  Cassel stepped up for New England last year after Brady’s season ended in the opener after a hit by Kansas City’s Bernard Pollard.  He then led the Pats to an 11-5 record.  In exchange for Cassel and 12 year veteran linebacker Mike Vrabel, the Pats will receive a second round draft pick.  Nope, you read that right.  They get the 34th overall opportunity to pick up some promising new talent.  That’s kind of like saying I’m gonna take your Bugatti Veyron and leave you with a Honda Civic.  Sure, you could throw a B18 or ZC motor in there and maybe you’ll have a good performer, but I’ve still got a proven winner for the cost of next to nothing.  One could speculate the Patriots history with KC’s new general manager Scott Pioli, former VP of player personnel for the Patriots, has something to do with the good will gesture, although I’d be more convinced it has to do with Brady’s progress with his recovery and the $14.65 million franchise tag that would have cost the Patriots if they kept Cassel as insurance.  Vrabel’s departure also leaves some room under the Patriot’s salary cap.  Either way, KC gets a young quarterback with a 63.4% pass completion last year, Cassel gets the opportunity to continue to prove (and improve) himself, and the Pats seem confident Brady will be ready for the 2009 season. 


  1. Adam says:

    Who cares! Its Philly Beer Week 🙂

  2. CA says:

    Obviously there are coach friendship undertones surrounding Cassel’s trade to KC, but why could he have not went to MIN instead?!?! I would have much rather taken a chance with him, than Sage Rosenfels 🙁

    I am also glad that LA left Manny hanging, and did not succumb to the pressure. It is a shame to say the least that he has such a following.

    Anywho, Adam is right…it’s Philly beer Week — See ya Saturday!!