Mar 2009 27

Wager this

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A few people have asked why I’m not covering the March Madness. Simple answer- I hate watching basketball. I have nothing against playing it. I mean, what 5’ 8” chick can’t shoot some hoops? But watching basketball has gotten boring ever since the players stopped wearing daisy dukes on the courts. Well that, and my college (UCSD) was more a nerds conglomerate than an athlete’s paradise so I don’t have much of a college sports affiliation. There are so many other “sporting” events I’d rather watch:

  1. Midget wrestling
  2. Speed foosball
  3. Competitive whack-a-mole
  4. Beer pong
  5. Medieval Times jousting tournament
  6. Demolition bumper cars
  7. Blindfolded laser tag
  8. Niagara Falls barrel plunge
  9. Marco Polo
  10. Roller derby

While the college basketball fans crowd the Sportsbook rooms, anyone up for a rousing game of Underwater Archery?


  1. Vickie Holland says:

    Finally an explanation! What do you have against Jousting? HUZZAH! 🙂

  2. sarah says:

    Nothing, I’m a big fan of any place that lets you eat with your hands while guys in steel attire swordfight 😉

  3. Kevin says:

    I see no underwater extreme high speed basket weaving…

  4. Dan Bengel says:

    There is now way Marco Polo can be above Roller Derby. Long live Judy Arnold!

  5. sarah says:

    Kevin, it was on my list, but I have a fear of crazy wicker paper cuts.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Little person wrestling is the preferable term. I’m just saying…

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