Jan 2010 29


Posted In Cars

Once again, traffic was put on lockdown for a coating of snow.  Here’s a thought- bald tires and snow/ice don’t mix.  Another one- gunning your gas pedal until traction control kicks in, then braking, repeat is not the correct way to get up a hill.  Also, big ass SUV’s don’t necessarily handle weather better.  It comes down to two things- driver and tires.  If one sucks, the other might be able to correct.  If they both suck, hope you don’t get motion sickness spinning into a ditch! 

Wet roads + Freezing temps = Slippery conditions ; Slow down, leave space, and don’t drive like a moron, especially on bridges!

And btw, why does every time the local weatherman (usually inaccurately) sensationalizes some precipitation, there’s a run on milk, eggs, and bread at the grocery store?  Are these items you never have and absolutely need in those times (comfort food maybe?) or does the threat of snowfall conjure up cravings for French toast?  I just don’t get it.