Oct 2010 18

oswalt-pitchingIt was a twinkling of red and green here in the City of Brotherly Love, as both the Eagles and the Phillies won last night.  Oswalt is my new idol- the man can handle fly balls in left field, dominate on the mound (8 innings last night), and even help himself out a little with a nice hit up the middle.  He advanced to 2nd on the next play, then towards 3rd on a nice hit to right and ignored all stop signs from the 3rd base coach to slide into home to score a run.

I want to see a Phillies/Rangers matchup for the World Series.  That would be a good game with two teams with a lot of heart.  The Yankees can take their arrogance home and, well… I can tell them where to put it!  And being a Padres fan, you know how I feel about the Giants.  They proved how (not so) well they often play last night and the Phils just capitalized on those mistakes.  I doubt San Diego would have looked much better against the Phillies, but the Giants never deserved to make it as far as they have.

Photo: cbsphilly.com