Oct 2010 18

Victory’s Yakima Twilight is getting a name change.  Yakima Glory will be released on October 26, 2010.  The video here explains the reason for the new name and offers a description.  Feel free to replace the A in Ale in their logo with a HO. 

A–>HO (hehe, these jokes kill me every time).  Why you ask?

Yakima Glory?  Really folks, not the best name.  Kinda sounds like Yakima Glory Hole.  Was Yakima Dusk taken?  Or Yakima Sunset?  How about Yak-i-ma Backseat (after drinking too many beers)?  If you read the description, Yakima Glory Hole is pretty fitting…

“big, juicy… smoothly into rich, dark… deliver complex satisfaction with a warming edge…”  I rest my case!  Good thing the flavor is better than the name- hoppy nose with a roasty, dark fruit finish. 

Onto some viral marketing- if you haven’t caught Victory’s commercial online (scroll down a few posts), you must check it out.  This beats the typical NSFW emails Richard spams our inboxes with!