Bionic Leg
Aug 2010 30

IMG_1210Verdict on my knee is in- no splice and dice right now, but two torn ligaments: MCL and MPFL.  The last ligament tear the doc called “unusual.”  Instead of surgery, I’m outfitted with the knee equivalent of a 1950’s scoliosis brace.  It covers from my ankle to mid-thigh with a NASA-like control system.  Call me a trendsetter- Spring shows will show emaciated models able to walk the runway with the help of this baby!  This is the kind of brace that elicits pitying glances from bystanders and sends children hiding behind their mothers’ legs.

Better yet- my “normal” MRI 4 years ago showed a torn MCL then too.  I probably could have been wearing stilettos 10 years ago.  Those are great for heel-toe technique right?

Kids- don’t grow up to be athletes.  My worst beer injury has been taken care of with a high carb breakfast and a few ibuprofens.


  1. tom foley says:

    Can I borrow that thing?

  2. sarah says:

    Without the leg, right? 😉

  3. tom foley says:

    Well, with the leg, but I suppose that will cost me extra.

  4. sarah says:

    Big thing for Heather Mills? =)

  5. tom foley says:

    um, not really, no.